More 9 of Wands Drama

I am posting now to pass a few minutes while I see if the 9 of Wands recovers from the abuse I just heaped on it.  I was literally scrubbing it vigorously with a toothbrush, ack!   I scrubbed all the paint off yesterday then couldn’t help myself and laid on some more paint.  Then hated that too and scrubbed it off again today.  It’ll be a miracle if it makes it at this point.  I should just scrap it, but i want to give it another shot. 

It wasn’t just the switched solvent that went wrong, there was something else.   I need to do some soul searching to find it.  The colors were just all wrong – I should have been able to do them in crayola crayons, or even those super cheap ones, and there would still be a harmony about it and there wasn’t.  Woe is this painting! 

Maybe the whole color scheme is crap.  Hmmm, maybe I’ll print out a few of the sketches I scanned in and then play with the kids crayons until I find the right color combo?  Keeping an open mind!  At least I can try out the colors before I scrap this and start over. 

Yeah, I think that’s what I’ll do.  And I’ll make a few extras so the kids can do a few too.  Then I’ll come back tomorrow and give it another shot.  Or Friday. 

The night is still young!

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