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9 of Swords Sketch

Still a very long way to go on this!  The figure in the background is more a guide to me, I don’t plan on making it that obvious.

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9 of Swords II

I decided to do something risky and not do an initialsketch, just go straight to the final image.  I’ve been working on it a few days now.  It is a strange combination of contrasts and it makes me uneasy, I think … Continue reading

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Perception and the 9 of Swords

I was drawing out the two lighthouses the other night when I looked at the colors and thought, nooooo that isn’t right!  The black goes on the left, the white on the right.  It has perplexed me!  I am not … Continue reading

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9 of Cups Finished, 9 of Swords Begin

I just realized I never put the finished painting up! There he is! Now on to the 9 of Swords!  I am really excited about this one, if a little scared.  I noticed, again, at the end of the 9 … Continue reading

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9 of Cups VII

There it is so far.  It still needs some  work, hopefully I can get to it tomorrow.

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9 of Cups VI

Tonight is the night! I get to go work on the 9 of Cups again and perhaps even finish it! I can’t tell you how much I love to paint. I see a future someday where my responsibilities will allow me … Continue reading

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9 of Cups V

Things are starting to look up today!   The 5 inch across swelling on my leg from a tick bite is getting better,  Freya is finally sleeping after an all night coughing fit, and I get to plan the funeral for … Continue reading

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9 of Cups IV

I’ve got about half the background done now but I didn’t scan it, I’ll do that tonight.  So, we found out in the last few days that Michael’s company is going out of business.  That was/is a big blow. It … Continue reading

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9 of Cups Sketch III

  I didn’t get to the background like I wanted to tonight, I wanted to fix the bottom half of the baboon which looked like crap.   Ugh, its been a long, long and unsettling day.  More tomorrow.

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9 of Cups Sketch II

This is te sketch so far.  I haven’t been posting because I have been having issues with my wireless connection.  It’s fixed now though and I am catching up on all the fun stuff I missed.

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