9 of Cups Sketch II


This is te sketch so far.  I haven’t been posting because I have been having issues with my wireless connection.  It’s fixed now though and I am catching up on all the fun stuff I missed.

In the meantime I have been loving me some Nietzsche!   I think right now I will have to say he is my second favorite philosopher after William Blake.    Yes his stuff is dark but I wouldn’t describe it as stylistically dark or noir, it’s more of an understanding of things abysmal and chaotic.  It is a lot like Blake – and they both have scathing criticism of Christianity and religion in general.  Come to think of it so does Joseph Campbell another of my favorites.   I have to say that in that regard I disagree with the lot of them.  In fact, the flaws of religion are just like, exactly like, the flaws of any human or human endeavor and should be accepted as a necessary part of the whole.   I suppose that doesn’t mean you can’t fight for what is right, either way.  The world of men is black and white.

Some of Nietzsche’s writings are so synchronous to what I am working on and thinking, that it is a very powerful sign to me that there is so much more going on than what you see on the surface.  These are little things that would be meaningless to someone else but huge to me.

Perhaps artful collections of words – writing, poetry, philosophy, is every bit as magic as art and music (and tarot) in that your soul will find its own meaning, reflect itself, in it.   It’s like, some stuff just tells a literal story but with other stuff it becomes sublime and the words fly around and metamorphose into living bits of energy that actively communicate with you. 

If you are so atheistically inclined you could say that certain words trigger geneticallyinherited archetypes, lulling the brainwave into some state of ecstasy.

I think it’s all true. 

Anyway, there is where I’m at.    I still need to put a background on it.  I would like it to be a big swirling chaos of some sort. 


Did I ever mention that I had a dream a while back where my body was a Chariot?  My arms were the horses and my legs were the wheels. 

I’ve been having lots of dreams lately.  One especially cool one was the other night.  My front door has a window in it shaped like a half circle or a crescent.  In the dream I looked out that window and saw giant wolves howling at the moon.  As I was waking up I was thinking that the wolves were at the door.  In the dream, though, there was no threat, in fact I was under the impression that they were being protective.

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3 Responses to 9 of Cups Sketch II

  1. Ian says:

    As I’ve been saying (over and over again), you need to read Promethea.

    I love the raw texture of the creature while keeping a placid face – that sums up this card for me. I also love the way the elements come from beneath the surface, reminding us that the essential is invisible to the eyes.


  2. Earl says:

    looking at the scans of your deck I noticed something. It seems that with the aces through the threes it is obvious that each card has one, two, or three of something on it so we can tell that yes this is the ace one two or three. But with the rest of the deck minus the 5 swords(maybe) and the 7 disks you cannot tell the number designation of the card by looking at the card itself. The four fours are the most mysterious. Do you have anything to add on this? Curious as usual. Earl

  3. Tarotsmyth says:

    Well, when I first started on the minors I wasn’t as clear about where I was going with them, it wasn’t until, I think the 5s that I realized I needed to base them off of the major arcana with the corresponding number. At that time I went back and threw out the 5s I had been working on and the 4s that were done. The Aces, I thought, were perfect as they were and the 2s and 3s were acceptable. I could probably have redone the 2s and 3s and brought them closer to the vision but if I keep doing that I will never get the deck done.
    Now I don’t concern myself at all with trying to portray the number itself but with the ‘spirit’ of the number. Sometimes I will use elements with that number like in the 9 above, there is a 9 pointed star, the floor is 9 blocks across at the bottom of the image, the 9 yods radiating from the sun on the white tower, and there are a lot of sets of 3, like the 9, in the sun/moon/star, sky/water/earth, head/arms, genitals/legs and even the scorpion/ankh/stairway.
    So, that’s the story of the numbers – it really just comes down to my growing understanding of them as I have gone along.

    The 4s in particular were the Emperor which I equate with the solidity of Earth, the 4 corners, the 4 elements, the earthly embodiments of the 4 elements Fire, Air, Water and Earth.

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