9 of Cups IV

I’ve got about half the background done now but I didn’t scan it, I’ll do that tonight. 

So, we found out in the last few days that Michael’s company is going out of business.  That was/is a big blow. It is so surrounded by small synchronicities that I feel , I don’t know, familiar, or like I can see down the track what is going on.  I think this is the kick in the ass we need to move on to the next leg of our journey.  I predict it will be a rough few months ahead though.

The phrase I keep hearing is that out of chaos comes the star.  It’s interesting to me because it equates the star with order, or does it?  It’s amazing how important the star symbolism has become as I near the end of this tarot deck.   The star has meant to me, and the reason I put it there in this card, was Eternity.    Is eternity order?


Actually, I had been wishing a while back that I could think of a set of terms in English that were equivalent to Yin and Yang, the qualities of the white and black horse.  Chaos and Order or perhaps Chaos and Eternity could fit that bill.  That would go a long way to explain the wolf dream too, Chaos, chaos at the door.  Did I mention it was a black wolf?  Actually, if chaos is the black wolf, order is the white wolf that sets eternity apart, the star, the charioteer, it is like a higher power, something beyond the black and white checkerboard of chaos and order.  That makes it a trinity, chaos/order and eternity.  Maybe the phrase was incomplete and it should be; out of order and chaos comes the star.


On one of the earlier sketches of the 9C I had put the ankh and the star on the hands of the monkey, I wanted them to be eternity and infinity.  Infinite to me implies something linear, it starts somehow and never ends, like our physical world, everything carries on constantly evolving and changing, shifting and evolving forms, driven by male and female, black and white, etc.  Eternity seems uniform to me, it simply exists, there is no beginning and no end, no direction, it just is, everywhere.

I ended up elevating the star to a place between and above the 2 towers and leaving the ankh in the hand of the monkey.  It seemed more right that the monkey be more of infinity than eternity. 


I forgot to mention earlier about the scorpion equating to the lobster in the moon card!  In a way, it is rising not through water, but through the monkey.  The monkey = the dark water of the moon card.


I can’t remember what exactly my question was now, but i did a reading for myself on the progress of this card and got the Universe.  I saw it as a purification through the body.  Is what the scorpion represents purified through life on earth?  Life gives direction and meaning and individuality. 

Look at this, in the end I am just a monkey, that is good.


I found a very nice crow feather in my driveway yesterday.  A well received gift.  I have been happy to hear them up and down my street lately.  This morning they were at it again and I caught them red-handed mobbing the local hawk.  That’s how I used to always spot the hawks in CA, just look for the angry crows.


I think that is about all I have to say today.  I knew there were going to be challenging times when I got to this card and the last few cards of the deck!!!!  It’s a passage!

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2 Responses to 9 of Cups IV

  1. Ian says:

    “To make beauty out of this chaos, is virtue.”
    -Gustavo Cerati, Deja vu.

    Something like that?

    (that’s, for me, the meaning of this card. but I’m biased, since that song is this new season’s opening theme – Peace, by Depeche Mode, is the end credits one)

    Love, Imagination, Transparency, Harmony, Strength and Wisdom,

  2. Earl says:

    Hello Marie, You know it has been said that there really is no equivalent word in the english language for TAO but Eternity is probably as good as any. And as for Chaos and Order well they would seem to be pretty good descriptions of YinYang respectively. If of course you took out the and. That damn and gets us into so much trouble. Nifty little trinity you got there. Also I am sorry for the trouble you are facing. I hope it all works out. It usually seems to though. Earl

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