9 of Cups V

Things are starting to look up today!   The 5 inch across swelling on my leg from a tick bite is getting better,  Freya is finally sleeping after an all night coughing fit, and I get to plan the funeral for Nibbler the sweet hamster that I found dead yesterday.   I suspect the kids have swine flu (pigs are flying!!!!).  Rex is sounding better but Freya is getting worse.  And Michael’s last payday is 2 days away.  Other than that things are going like shit.

Never-the-less I was happy to spend a few hours painting last night.   It’s going pretty well.  I didn’t get a chance to scan it in though.  I realized, oh about a week ago, that there were some eerie similarities between this image and the RW 9 of cups.  The colors and shapes and textures.  That does happen once in a while and I like it.    Obviously i am familiar with the RW so it comes as no surprise that its influence rises to the surface now and then, I just really get a kick out of how the things transform in that dreamlike way.

I did a great little reading for myself while I was waiting in carpool yesterday.  Bored, I asked, how am I doing on my life path?  This is what I got:

Card 1, past – Queen of Cups, I am doing work from the heart (always, and often to my detriment!), and further doing the work of nurturing and bringing forth treasures from the subconscious or spiritual.

Card 2, present – 8 of disks.  I like the more traditional RW card image for this one which shows an artist or craftsman plying their trade, creating work, which tells me I am physically doing what I should be doing right now, I am putting forth the work I need to do.  And the card from my deck which is self reflection as a test to advance yourself, to evolve.   This is what I am currently doing.  Its not the beginning or the end, its the matrix of my life!

Card 3, future – Knight of Wands.  Interesting card here.  I have recently been thinking of Knights as a part of your self, or something external, that all has a similar purpose which is to go out on a quest to find what you are looking for, what you need.  This Knight, he brings a lightning bolt, a spark of life, a ray of the sun to who needs it.   I think this shows my purpose in life which is through my own imperfections (represented by the shadowy figure) I am able to capture a little divinity. 

Card 4, resolution- Temperance.  Ahhhhh, perfect card!  I think probably every day now, how temperance, how balancing and developing fully, the male and female aspects of tarot is my goal and how that manifests through my whole life.


Then as an afterthought I added another card asking what I could do to  help myself out and I got:

Card 5 – 8 of Wands.  This told me to keep drawing from the spiritual, magickal side of myself, keep creating, to have strength and faith in what is there.


I hope I can paint some more tonight but things are a little crazy around here right now so I might not get to it until tomorrow.

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