9 of Cups VI

Tonight is the night! I get to go work on the 9 of Cups again and perhaps even finish it! I can’t tell you how much I love to paint. I see a future someday where my responsibilities will allow me to paint day and night.

Sorry if I have seemed pessimistic lately, I am trying to be optimistic, and one part of me is, but the other part i think is in a bit of a panic.  I think  I am getting a bit paranoid, like, I know there are big changes on the horizon and so I am being hyper vigilant. 

I am sure you have heard the saying  ‘ just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you’, lol.  I love that.  About the swine flu….I have been so worried because of Freya and her breathing problems, then we heard there were several kids in Sophie’s class that were out sick with it, then of course they all came down with something with a terrible cough – enter paranoia.  I called the pediatrician yesterday to see what they recommended and they said that they weren’t even allowed to test for it anymore, the state said they could only test it in people who were sick enough to be admitted to the hospital.  Hmmmmm, isn’t that interesting?     My anxious paranoid mind has a hard time not dwelling on the very worst that can happen. 

I am already fully experiencing a shadow of the 9 of Swords to come!    I am doing my best to resist the urge to work on it.  It’s hard.

There will be some sort of architecture in it, a point of worry, not my strong point.  I mean, I can copy anything, if I had reference material or whatever, but to create a building from scratch is hard for me.   Not that I will get anywhere near this level, but it makes me think of these guys who do architectural rendering or automotive rendering….that art in person is just mind blowing!  I knew this guy who did photo realistic race cars and you could see the streaks in the mud on the windshield from the wipers….it was so awesome.    I think it takes a whole different part of the brain to do that sort of thing.  I better warm it up, if at least a little!    I am way better at more organic forms. 

I can’t wait!!!!!

I will scan in the 9 of Cups tonight no matter what and show you something.  This has truly been one of the most fun cards I have done.  I always knew it wouldn’t be the most visually stunning image, but I just love it for some reason.  It makes me happy.  It makes me feel at peace with the world.


Ok, will check back in soon.

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1 Response to 9 of Cups VI

  1. Earl says:

    Good to hear from you. And of course to see that you are fast at work. All the best to you and your family. I’ll check back tonight to see what you scanned in. E.

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