Perception and the 9 of Swords

I was drawing out the two lighthouses the other night when I looked at the colors and thought, nooooo that isn’t right!  The black goes on the left, the white on the right.  It has perplexed me!  I am not keen on changing symbolism in the middle of the game, it should be consistent throughout, don’t you think?  Flipping the black and white towers now bothers me.  To make it more uncanny when I *looked* at it the other night what I saw, through the lighthouses, was a vast golden body of a woman who I immediately thought of as Shekinah, which means the presence of God.  This would traditionally be associated with Malkuth, the 10th sephirah.  **Not the 1st like I thought of for Eternity.

There are a few words that came to me too the other night, these words together,   Orion, Horizon, Urizen, Oz.   And then, The House Of The Holy.  Do you see it?  THOTH. 

I have been a little boggled and perplexed about it all and have been trying to find a focus by studying different styles of medieval architecture, trying to input the shapes into my brain. 

It did occur to me that I was no longer looking UP, but was now looking DOWN, if you can imagine looking down at earth through Yesod to Malkuth.   Well.   I was just in the shower (a great place to think) and it occured to me…..well you remember that the monkey, the baboon in the 9 of Cups was Thoth; I think that is the body of Thoth and this, in the 9 of Swords, is the soul of Thoth.

I find it very interesting and a little uncomfortable that the gender has apparently done a switch on me again.  Swords should be male, though there aren’t really any hard and fast rules in esoterics is there?   It feels the same way to me as the woman in the 5 of Swords felt, unusual but very right. 

A question, if you cross over into death and look at Eternity, which I really picture more as a state of being than any particular image, are you somehow forced to look back at physical creation?  Is there nothing else to look at?  Can you only look outwards?  IS that the nature of eternity, to look out?  And the whole of the universe, a shining gold woman, perfect and balanced in every way.  They ARE one and the same after all…its a paradox of perception.

I have to run and pick up Sophie at school now, but I wanted to record these thoughts.  They are nothing I can validate from any past writing or myth, I think, it just is what it is.

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5 Responses to Perception and the 9 of Swords

  1. Ian says:

    Perhaps Eternity becomes distorted perception when you aren’t ready for it? And I always think of Eternity as a female archetype (it’s a female word on Spanish, by the way).

    And the 9 of Swords, well, it’s always been a crying woman to me; I don’t see why it couldn’t be female on your deck as well (albeit with a very different meaning).


    P.S.: The House Of The Holy? Now that’s clever!

  2. Tarotsmyth says:

    Regarding the genders….I alwaystend to see them – Air and Fire as male and Water and Earth as female, and the more predominant the element the more I expect to see the certain gender….more because its a symbol not a real person. But, it appears things aren’t that simple, good thing I’m not in charge of making this stuff up!
    3 cases that get me thinking a lot, 5 of Swords which is female, 5 of Disks which is male, 9 of Wands which is male and female and has me pondering yin and yang both coming forth from Fire. The Magician always gets me going too.

  3. Ian says:

    I don’t know about the others but, on Promethea Moore states that all mages, regardless of gender, are male. And then, when magus becomes Magic, they’re female (’cause magic, as a force, Shekinah, whatever, is)


  4. Kai says:

    A bit off topic (maybe) but interesting that you are working with eternity in the 9 Swords as this is the ‘last’ card of your deck. A beginning, an ending. A completion… An eternity…

    So thankful that you have allowed all of us to share your creative journey with you.

  5. Regarding gender Crowley says some place that members of the OTO are brothers and those in the A,’,A,’, are sisters. I oculd not find the specific reference. I wonder if it might be tied to the act of crossing the abyss. Certainly in the 9 of swords I find the experience of encountering the boundary of the abyss, though I read it more as a the terror of running up against it. In your symbolism it seems more like a deliberate enoucter with the aim of crossing. The light house is there to guide you?

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