9 of Swords II

I decided to do something risky and not do an initialsketch, just go straight to the final image.  I’ve been working on it a few days now.  It is a strange combination of contrasts and it makes me uneasy, I think that is probably ok considering the card this is though.  Already there are clear signs of biscuitification:)

I’ll scan in what I have so far when I get to the office tonight.


I have allowed myself to lightly flutter around the ideas of publishing but I have to admit to you my passion is in thinking what I will do next.   So many ideas, such a short life!!!!  How does anyone stand it?

I have decided what I really really want to do is fine art.  It has its challenges, I’ve always been on the edge of fine art, not really fitting in, being more illustrative, but no matter!  The big challenge is figuring ut how the heck to do it.  It’s been a long time since I have been in that world at all and it has evolved so much AND I am a world away now, I’m not in one of the art meccas of the world anymore.  What was I thinking?  So I have to figure out how to do it from here.  I might not accomplish a thing but I would like to try.  I just want to paint.   I just want to put my ideas on canvas and then hopefully make enough so I have time to put more ideas on canvas.  I’m 41 now, the clock is ticking!

The immediate plan is to finish this card, then go over all of the paintings and make any minor tweaks and corrections and repaint any that need it.  I am also going to start consolidating and sorting my notes on all of the cards and start an outline and a few sample chapters.  I then will prepare a submission package and start submitting to publishers and see how that goes.

I will make minors to match the major deck I sold a few years ago, and prepare for a whole 78 card handmade deck.  Just some sort of small run.    Look into commercial self publishing.    Something like that.

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5 Responses to 9 of Swords II

  1. Ian says:

    First, somehow I *knew* you weren’t going to post sketches for your last card. Heh. It’s only fitting.

    Second, you could start an exposition with your cards… they might be too small, though.

    And, in my artistic experience, one should devote oneself to present tasks and only then move onto the next ones. Because completion gives even more confidence for new challenges.


  2. Tarotsmyth says:

    Oh shoot, you’re right, I totally forgot! I’ll do that as soon as I can (have to go make the rounds at the schools collecting kids).
    What do you mean by exposition?

    I know I should focus, it’s a major weakness of mine, its a miracle I’ve gotten this far! I’m a lot like the fool, always chasing butterflies…

  3. Ian says:

    By “exposition” I meant a display of your cards, just like Frieda Harris, who exposed hers on a museum. Something like that.


  4. Tarotsmyth says:

    That would be nice. They aren’t too small. It would be fun to set up some kind of display but traveling with them would be totally nerve wracking!

  5. Ian says:

    Which is why you shuold do it after you’ve published your deck.


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