9 of Swords Sketch


Still a very long way to go on this!  The figure in the background is more a guide to me, I don’t plan on making it that obvious.

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4 Responses to 9 of Swords Sketch

  1. Ian says:

    And then you prove me wrong (but I’m getting used to it), and post a sketch.

    It’s marvelous but I have to ask, who is the figure in the background? It reminded me of Kingdom Hearts because of the emblem on her chest.


    • Tarotsmyth says:

      I didn’t prove you wrong, I didn’t post the sketch until you reminded me!
      The figure….she is just sort of an outline of what I originally saw and identified with the Shekinah. She also reminds me quite a bit of Hathor (if they are even different at all).

      Off to google Kingdom Hearts.


      • Ian says:

        Oh, my bad, I thought you weren’t going to post a sketch; instead, you had thought about not making one.

        Love (and oops),

  2. Earl says:

    Nifty sketch. Can’t wait to see more. I zapped over a message to you on regular email. Let me know what you think. E.

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