The Biscuit has Landed.


There it is!

I had all kinds of things to say but now….I feel weird, maybe in shock or denial or something.  We had talked about, for a long time, having a big party or something  when it was done, but now we are too broke even for Mcdonalds, lol.  And, I just don’t feel like it.  Last night I didn’t want to think about it, just go to bed.

Here’s a funny thing that happened.  The kids just started their 3 week vacation and Rex got to check out a few books to read at the school library.  One of the books was a Magic Treehouse book called Tigers at Twilight.  He picked it out because he knows I love tigers and thought I would like reading it with him.

I promised I would read a few chapters last night but just felt so drained after finishing that painting I made a deal with him that I would instead read the whole book in the morning after breakfast.

Of course he dragged me out of bed and bugged me for breakfast first thing this morning so we could get to the book right away) 

This book started with the poem Tyger! Tyger!  by William Blake, my favorite!  And then I saw in the table of contents a very tarot-ish set of chapters!  The kids in this book even had a small white fluffy dog.  Chapter 9 was called ‘The Hermit’  Of course.

In this series of books a brother and sister go in a magic treehouse which magically takes them to locations found in books.  This one was the Indian jungle where they came across a tiger caught in a steel jawed trap.  They saved the tiger who then tried to kill them.

They met a blind wise man, the Hermit, and asked him why the tiger did that?  He explained to them that when they saved the tiger they didn’t just save his graceful beauty but also his dangerous ferocity.  One could not live without the other.    He gave the kids a lotus which had its petals in the air and roots in the mud as a symbol of this.

He also told them that he used to hear the separate sounds of all of the animals in the jungle but now, they all became one as the one voice of the forest.


I know it’s just a children’s book with some not unheard of symbolism and philosophy but I just found it very moving to read today, of all things, after completing my last card, it seemed to go along so perfectly with the summation of this deck.  It will make even more sense when I discuss what is in this card more later.

I think it’s great that it wasn’t something from a great old philosopher or celebrated artist or writer that presented itself this morning, but a children’s book by someone I love, and……………, I hadn’t even thought of this until now, symbolically the Knight of Disks, because Rex is who I used as a model for the Knight of Disks and he was riding a white tiger.  The Knight is someone who goes out, ventures and quests to get something you need, Disks here, means that this deck is fully manifested, it is a lotus that has risen through the dark mud, through the water and into the air and is now part of the one voice of the many.   Well, it’s really moving to me. 

Rex just walked up to me and said I should name this painting ‘The Majestic Sword 🙂


Another thing that happened last night.  I was working on the painting over in the office and came over for some coffee or something and Sophie came up to me and said that she had made a Christmas tree out of green blocks and when she showed Michael he said, what?  Is it an Aztec pyramid?    She was saying Duh!  how could he not tell the difference?    Just moments before I had been looking at my own painting marvelling at the oddness of the proximity of pine trees and step pyramids.

As I write this I realize there are about 3 more ‘another things’ that have happened the last week or so, just strange little coincidences,  and one odd ghostly like encounter.  I don’t have time to type it out now though, it is lunchtime and the little natives are hungry and the house is in need of cleaning.

I am sure, though, I have been hearing the one voice of the forest though, I am part of it and all of you are part of it, and it is all parts of the body of the Shekinah or Hathor or any of the names you might have for the Great Mother archetype and god.


I’ll try to get back with more info later.  I need to do a more official write up for this card.   This isn’t the end yet, its just the completion of a giant step.  I still need to do a card back, touch up and/or repaint several cards, write the book and get it published. 

Thank you, friends, for being there all this time.  (feeling choked up now)

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29 Responses to The Biscuit has Landed.

  1. Said Parker says:

    “Teach your parents well
    Their children’s hell
    Will slowly go by
    And feed them on your dreams
    The one they pick’s
    The one you’ll know by.”

  2. Ian says:

    I’ve already told you this, but it deserves to be repeated, people should know.

    Thank you so much for guiding me (us) with your work, your art and insight, on each card, always. Thank you for letting me enter your life somehow and know you. Thank you, just for being.

    Thank you so much, Marie.


  3. Jessica says:

    I can’t believe it’s the final card. Ever since I got my gorgeous Majors years ago, I’ve been enjoying all the additions to the deck – a nice surprise in my email telling me there’s a new card to see and enjoy. Yours is without a doubt my favorite tarot deck. Just so beautiful, moving and thought provoking. Thanks.

    • Tarotsmyth says:

      I can’t believe it either! Finishing the majors seemed like such big deal at the time but now I look back at it as the easy part, and it seems like so long ago!
      Thank you Jessica:)

  4. Claes-Berend says:

    WOW!! You did it!
    It’s great that you finished it now already! However ik know of no other deck that took so long except for Margarete Petersens deck i think it was worth all the ride. I love your totally new interpretations based on very deep investigations. I love the Mary-El Tarot!!

    Ask Koppenhol ( to publish it! Please ask for the best printing option available, i own so many decks and no deck has a good dpi-resolution. The IVOI energy cards have the best colours but also not enough resolution.

    So,i feel sorry for you that you cannot drink champaign now, but I’ll do that tomorrow! Thank you for involving me in so many ways untill now.

    I really look forward to the moment i will have the original published deck in my hands. Can I pre-order it already? Than consider is my order!!


    • Tarotsmyth says:

      Hi Claes-Berend, so good to hear from you! How have you been?
      I will check out Koppenhol, thanks! Any lead on a printer or publisher is appreciated.
      I’m not ready to take pre-orders yet but I’ll let you know as soon as I do!
      Thank you so much:)

  5. Patricia Ariel says:

    congratulations, Marie!!!! you did something huge, girl! I’ve been watching the making of your tarot for quite a while, admiring in silence your brilliant insights and breathtaking art. your deck is surely one of the best of all times for being so powerful and at the same time so beautiful. I want a copy as soon as you get it published. now, an invitation: I am starting off a project on visionary arts called “The Aquarian Eye” ( and I’d love to have you as our first feature. do you give interviews?

  6. congratulations, Marie!!!! you’ve done something huge, lady! I’ve been watching the making of your tarot for quite a while, admiring in silence your brilliant insights and breathtaking art. your deck is surely one of the best of all times for being so powerful and at the same time so beautiful. I want a copy as soon as you get it published. now, an invitation: I am starting off a project on visionary arts called “The Aquarian Eye” ( and I’d love to have you as our first feature. do you give interviews? if you accept to give us one, let me know, it would be a true honor! thank you for being what you are and for sharing that light with the world.

  7. ops!!! comment repeated, my bad! sorry for that….

  8. Stephanie says:

    Odd, I thought I couldn’t comment on your posts since I didn’t have a WordPress account, or I would have been doing so since you started your new blog!

    Anyway, I’ve been following the creation of this deck since 2005 and I can’t tell you how excited and amazed I am to have shared in this journey with you. It’s amazing to have witnessed the different turns you’ve taken, to get some insight into the creative process by seeing not only the images you finally approved but also the ones you tried out, rejected, and replaced. Some paintings you ultimately didn’t use were amazing and I had my doubts when you chose to re-paint certain cards but consistently I’ve found that the new paintings and ideas have been even better and more profound than the ones that came before them.

    Your efforts with this tarot deck have shown me the true meaning of a “magnum opus” or “Great Work” both artistically and spiritually. This is the sort of work some of the original occultists that revamped the tarot imagined when they assigned it as an essential part of magic(k)al training–a creative endeavor that through a slow process of study, engagement, and illumination, both illustrates and deepens one’s understanding. These are more than just beautiful images, being organic works that taught and illuminated as they were created. The result is a tarot deck that in my opinion puts most other decks published in recent years to shame. But even that is too humble praise when the tarot industry has become something driven mostly by novelty, when an appealing deck is one that is “cute” and “easy” or just one that has a lot of pretty colors, offering no new insight or wisdom. Some (though not all) of the decks that have become favorites and best sellers in recent years are abysmal examples of that sad trend. This is so much more than that–a part of the spiritual tradition of tarot as are the Waite and Crowley decks.

    While I still scratch my head over a few of the cards in your deck, I am generally amazed at the perfection and completeness of what you have created. This deck transcends detail-oriented criticism as the whole effect and scope of it is so grand as to encompass even those imperfect details as part of the power of the whole work. I have meditated over these cards many a time, and these images have also illustrated some of my own insights and turning points in life. I am very grateful to have found and continued to follow your project, even as my interest in tarot has ebbed and flowed over these years.

    I do dearly hope that you publish a book along with your deck. The images speak for themselves and yet your profound understanding of myth, symbolism, and the spiritual journey, as illustrated in the journals you have kept and so graciously publicly shared throughout this effort, has made this so much more than even just the images themselves. Heck, I daresay you could simply publish in book form all the blog entries you’ve posted throughout the creation of this deck and it would be a significant thing. Though of course organizing all of the various pieces of intellectual, artistic, personal, and intuitive information that went into this deck would result in quite an amazing reference for those of us who continue to study the mysteries of the spiritual path and the mythopoeic journey.

    I suppose this is my long-winded way of saying, “Congratulations!!!” 😀

    • Tarotsmyth says:

      Hi Stephanie (I thought you were my sister Stephanie at first)

      I read your post yesterday and was so touched I didn’t know what to say, and I still don’t. All I can think of to say is a seemingly insufficient thank you. So, thank you!

      I can’t tell you over the years how many people have said you can’t do a tarot deck today that isn’t based on the Rider Waite, but whatever spirit it is that is tarot will push itself out in whatever way it likes, even if it isn’t commercially safe . It’s ok if that’s your goal but it wasn’t mine.

      I’m so glad you and many other people get it, I was so concerned people would think this was nothing more than an art deck.

      I’ll definitely do a book. It would be far preferable if it came with the deck but ifthat isn’t possible I’ll publish it here or somehow make it available.

      Thanks again Stephanie:)


      • Stephanie says:


        Thank you for your kind response.

        I am glad you didn’t listen to the fools that are more focused on Commerce than Illumination, because success in the former is a fickle and ultimately somewhat meaningless thing, while the latter is the “Pearl of Great Price.” This deck both expresses and inspires Illumination; that anyone could value Money and Publishing over such a rare and significant achievement shows how crude of mind some people are.


  9. Stephanie says:

    By the way, when (what year) did you start working on the Mary-El Tarot?

  10. sravana says:

    Just amazing – what an accomplishment! Congratulations and I can’t wait to hold your deck in my hands…

  11. You are my hero! What an epic undertaking. Congratulations.

    • Tarotsmyth says:

      Wow Andrew thank you. If anything this is just an example of a person finding and pursuing their highest potential in harmony with all of their gifts, quirks and imperfections – a potential we all possess.


  12. greycats says:

    Congratulations, Marie, on completing this project of truly epic proportions! And many thanks for taking us with you.

  13. debra says:

    We’re congratulating you at Aeclectic forum, too.

  14. Tanis (Charles) says:

    Congratulations! Truly an incredible accomplishment. So much beautiful art and so much creative energy given to one project. I am so jealous of your talent and dedication. There isn’t a better deck out there and I think everyone will want one (god knows I do).

    It’s been a pleasure watching it unfold over the years.


  15. CES Priestess of Sekhmet says:

    Congratualations Marie. I know this has been a work of love, frustration and every emotion in between. As a fan I appreciate your dedication and I’m so excited to see the final card ‘caue the entire deck is closer to becoming a reality. Your symbolism is just incredible. Everytime I work with the majors, I always get a powerful reading and the cards stick in my mind. I currently have 56 decks, most I collect for the art work. I do work with ten decks and can’t wait to work with your entire deck. My understanding and interpretation will progress to a higher level using the entire deck. One last thought, please, please, please, when you finally publish use big cards with a minimum or no border. I would hate to see your beautiful artwork and detail get lost in a regular size deck.
    Ankh em Ma’at

  16. fluffy says:

    When can we BUY it ???? I love the majors I already have….

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