Touch Ups

For the last few days I have been woking on the changes I was talking about. 

I reduced but was not completely able to get rid of the sword in the 10 of cups, and I got rid of the black ufo looking things. 

I changed the color in the Empress’ trees, though I think the effect will be minimal. 

I changed a few things on the 3 of Swords.  When i compare this to the old scan I see that it really darkened which in a way sucks, but also makes it feel abit more atmospheric – orginally it was a little drab, well, it still is.  I thought about turning it into a night scene.  I still might. I did some highlighting and changed the swords to a gold color because, to me, they are rays of the sun.  I found it curious that I had chosen a style of sword that appears to have no handle, just a bare tang.  I may or may not have notes on that but I haven’t delved into them yet.  I see them as swords that have never been held by a human hand and never will be.   

I did quite a bit on the Justice card.   It’s a little bit closer in feel to the Emperor now, I think.   I think I can live with it now.  perfection be damned.Abo


The Knight of Cups, I meant to just add a little color in the uppoer corners but ended up doing quite a bit.  It looked unfinished, almost as though I was scared to paint it.  It was a lot of fun to work on and remember all of the little things.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there is a lot of symbolism in the armor.  It’s almost a map of the universe.  In the bottom there are waves and leviathans and the roots of trees.   In the middle is a pyramid and the eye topped with the symbols of the zodiac in a gold arc.  Above are flaming wheels.  The sleeves have two cherubim, one a man, one a lion, Fire and Water.  The angel  has 13 fingers, from which flows the blood that founts down into the grail and from which grows the lotus.    I changed that awful black smear into something that looks more like a shirt with gold lacing or embroidery.  I’m really happy with it.  I could have gone on painting it for a long time.  It had a nice peaceful feeling. 


The Ace of Cups (boy, the cups got a lot of work).  I deepened the red fabric and improved the hair as planned.  It definitely makes it look more feminine.   it’s not shockingly different but you will notice the red.

I took out the Lovers and sat down, turned it this way and that, and decided it was simply hideous.  I’m sorry but it is.  Hideous.  I decided I couldn’t make it better and put it back down.  Will I live with it?  Maybe.   I am going to work on some sketches and see if anything comes of it.  Is it ironic that I don’ love the Lovers?   You do see all the double entendres don’t you? 

I think I am done with the easier fixes, now on to the harder ones.

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