Symmetry and Balance

I am working on 3 paintings right now, the 8 of Cups, the 7 of Swords and the Magician.    The 8 and 7 are just a new execution of the old design and the Magician, well, we’ll see how that comes out.

The Magician, I basically took the same idea as for that other prior reject and centered the figure and added not one but 2 trees in the background.  Maybe that’s why I had to scrap it before, it was close but I wasn’t quite getting it and now I feel like I understand it.    It’s funny the things you think about while doing mundane preparations for painting, well all parts of painting really, you just fall down into this other world where there is nothing but you and this art.  I was looking at the asymmetry of this painting, which I did on purpose, I put one tree farther away than the other to balance the sun/moon (you can’t tell which, only a light through the mist), and i was reminded of the Devil – which always comes up when I think of symmetry – because it is the only card that I intentionally made symmetrical.  And it is purple, a blend of red and blue, male and female.    You would think that was a good thing, but it both is and isn’t.  Purple is also for Yesod btw, a place where all of the designs are complete but not yet manifest in earth.  In earth things are not perfect and symmetrical, they are asymmetrical and beautifully so.  They struggle and strive toward the sun and toward what is good and away from what is bad.

I noticed a long time ago how perfect babies were, they have all the same muscles and shapes we do, especially when they are first born  they don’t have that sweet layer of fat yet, you can really see in their little hands and feet how they are just miniature versions of our adult appendages.  But even though they are perfect in design they have not yet been tempered and shaped by the struggles of life.  Life does alter, use and function, does alter the eventual form – and it is beautiful.  The Devil lacks that.  I would say the devil is expectations of perfection that result in unhappiness rather than appreciation of the natural beauty of Free Will. 

If you look at the myth of, say, Christianity, they Devil was the most beautiful angel and was cast out of heaven.  You could say that this means he was the pattern upon which people, or perhaps all of the physical universe, were built from; a seed perhaps.  Boy wouldn’t Christians just love that sentiment. 


I am digressing big time! 

Symmetry and Balance are not the same thing.  The Devil has symmetry, the Earth has balance.


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2 Responses to Symmetry and Balance

  1. Ian says:

    [just musing]

    I’ve come to think that all cards have positive aspects, even the Devil – they’re meant to depict every single facet of life in a positive light.

    The Devil is a tricky one, though.

    The Devil is when ego is symmetrical to the world. That’s a trap on itself, but even ego is just a force, and it’s on us to use it positively.


  2. Tarotsmyth says:

    From one point of view, yes ego can be positive and negative, like everything else, but from anther point of view nothing is positive or negative, it just is, perfectly.

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