Working on Revisions

I have been painting up a storm.  The weather has been so beautiful I have set up on the covered patio though nighttime is definitely the better time to paint, the light is crazy out there with all the waving trees.  The constant sound of cicadas and crickets, frogs, geese and god only knows what else, is so comforting.  My neighbor has started burning leaves too and that smells really good.  It is just, good.  As long as I don’t go beyond the screen and become blood food for the little suckers.


I finished up the Magician yesterday.  As I sat down to make some notes about it I realized it was 9 20 2009……..92 29, 11 11, 4.  How perfect is that?   I looked down at my clock when I did that and it was exactly 11:11.  Course, that might be because of the influence of Sophie who has been getting freaked out that she notices it every single day and somehow attaches it to the end of the world in 2012.   I am trying to convince her otherwise, that these things are more symbolic than literal.    

So, when I had the Magician out on  table drying the earliest layers of paint my black cat Starlight walked through my palette and over the painting leaving a trail of blue and umber footprints.  She is sitting in my lap right now purring like nothing ever happened.  I eventually got most of it blended in but there is still a blue spot somewhat visible in an odd area.  It’s ok, I like variety and mistakes and those cool little accidents that happen, they make it more interesting.

The Magician, the Magician.  I hadn’t planned on repainting it at all!  Like I’ve said, I did want to play around with it a while back and did and then abandoned the idea for some mysterious reason that I no longer recall.  And forgot all about it.  Then, as I sifted through my stuff I came accross several of the paintings and one of them looked pretty good, especially after I hit it with some sandpaper.  Now, that is something I would only do to a painting that I Wasn’t very invested in because the likelyhood of death is high, and I don’t have big enough testicles to do that on a painting I want, unless it is on a computer and I have the option of ‘undo’.  I’m just kidding around you know.    It was missing something though.  I do remember that I really wanted, at the time, to try layering my colors like Maxfield Parrish and was experimenting with some techniques.  Since then I feel like I have a different (though still nowhere near perfect) understanding of color.  It is like this was an early attempt and now it is an old friend. 

And now I feel like the Magician itself presented itself for repainting.  I feel like, now at the end of this project, as I go from one stage of it to another, from understanding it ntuitively or visually, to trying to articulate it and then manifest it on a wider scale, at this crux the Magician has presented himself for repainting.  All of these things I struggled with when I first and then secondly painted it, are now clear to me, make sense, and I was able to do it.  Of course its still a biscuit, they all are, and its still a fairly simple image but I like it.


There’s a quick update, and now back to painting!  I’m working on the 8 of Cups today.

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