I’ve been working on the lettering for the cards.  So far… needs some tweaking.  It’s hard to find that sweet spot, I don’t want the lettering to be too pretty or fancy, but I don’t want it too plain either.  And I want it to look hand-done but not bad.  I would like it to be somehow historical, like Ive been experimenting with some lettering from some of PCS’s contemporaries.  Or perhaps those scripts used when tarot first emerged?  Maybe I am asking too much!

I wanted to write a little about the dreams I had after my brains shattered and fell out.  I started having dreams that I didn’t feel came from me, exactly, rather, they came from what I have been calling the Kraken, the many tentacles of inherited life force all united in one ancient origin. 

There was one in particular.  In the dream I even called it an epic movie.  It seemed to go on forever!  It started off with 4 friends living on a giant boat in an endless ocean.  It was a paradise and no one suffered and no one died, all were immortal.  There came a time when they had to leave the boat and go to the land of the mortals.  They were leaving because they were simply done with everything they needed to do on the boat.  They were warned though, that when they left the boat they wouldn’t live as long and they wouldn’t have the strength or magic of gods anymore.  They accepted that and left.

There was an unnamed and unseen force that would regularly attack them.  When they were on the boat it was easy to defend themselves, but wen they left they could not.  They quickly found, though, that they could still petition the gods and the gods would protect them, would make things happen in a way that would protect them.  They also extended this protection into other mortals that they met, mostly on children and those most in need.

At some point they got 2 dogs as pets.

Over time they became weaker and weaker, and more and more mortal.  They began to forget.  They really just became apathetic and involved in the small circle of their own lives.  The 4 friends who were originally inseparable moved into different houses in different cities and eventually rarely spoke to each other.

The invisible force’s attacks became less and less too and the 4 friends stopped even believing in it.

This went on and on with a lot of detail.  I wrote down as much as I could remember when I woke up even though I had no idea what it meant at first.

I finally came to believe that the 4 friends were the 4 elements and their lives were somehow the process of manifesting into the physical universe.    It also described a great year, an incredibly long period of time with many aeons.

So lately I have been doing a lot of reading and contemplating on the precession of the equinoxes and all the symbolism associated with that, interesting stuff.

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