What’s going on these days.

I am going through another one of those times where I don’t have time to post much.  Sometimes I start writing and then don’t finish and by the time I get back to it it is redundant so I delete it.

But here I am.  Been having interesting times!  I finally have my head back on straight.  I was just thinking that if you must find a reason for all things that having all these family issues and crisis’s and even having our heater break down when its so freakin’ cold has served to really ground me. Sometimes it takes extreme things to ground me! 

I have been working hard on the card titles.  I hadn’t originally planned on expending so much energy on them but *the dream* said to treat the words with as much respect as the pictures.  I feel a little weird putting so much weight into a dream but I have had several that were so clear and compelling and just simply helpful, I feel compelled to follow their advice.  Well lets face it, it is from wiser sources than I, even if the source is my self, it is the wiser part for sure.

The coolest thing that has been happening is that I am getting impressions from cards for no particular reason or no particular order, since they are all painted!  This week it has been the High Priestess and I feel I understand her far deeper than I ever have now.  I don’t even know how to keep up with documenting such things or at this point even if I should. 

Back to the titles.  I have tried a lot of different things.  The first thing I really wanted was it to look like the illustrations that accompanied alchemical text. I tried and tried but just couldn’t get it to work.  The styles just did not match.  Or maybe I Should say I couldn’t make them match.  Then I tried to go more in the style of the turn of the century illustrators.  Heck, maybe I just wanted to spend my time looking over those beautiful images… I love that era of art and its the era that spawned Pamela Colman Smith.  Alas, that didn’t work either.     Now, I am doing something that looks really medieval which I was trying really hard to avoid!  I really was!  But it keeps impressing itself, so….I’ll go with it and see what happens. 

What I did was paint a banner and after a lot of experimentation found the best way for me to hand letter them all was to make copies of that painted banner and then letter directly on that.  That was the best way I could figure without painting each and every banner.  Shoot, that would add another year on the project! 

I have been studying a lot of medieval writing styles, particularly the illuminated manuscripts, and I had it all ready and at hand when I started, but darn, I have been looking at so many different writing styles from different time periods that when I started the actual lettering they seemed to merge a bit.  Whenever I start doing stuff like this the subconscious literally takes over. 

I was reading this book Michael checked out from the library on color by the same author that wrote Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.  I have that book and read it years ago, before all of this.  Reading her writing again I realized that she was describing with the right brain what I have been observing with the subconscious.   I found it interesting, though, that she talked about painting and mixing color as being both a right and left brain action because you had to make intellectual actions and decisions while you did them.  For me that isn’t so, though. It can be but if I relax it isn’t, that part of our selves is capable of complex calculations and I would say is capable of much more complexity than our conscious mind.  I see how it has merged, almost seamlessly, several different periods of writing style into one.  Interesting.  Will probably freak out purists.  Bah, probably won’t be a lot of purists using my deck!

Once the lettering is done, or in shifts, I will start doing good scans of the paintings and putting together a final image.  Then the backs, which are just sitting in my mind waiting for a chance to get painted, and then the book.  Or books.    I still plan on doing a simpler book for now and then taking my time on a complete book.  Some of that will depend on how it eventually gets published.

Somewhere in there I really need to work on my website which is sadly, woefully neglected right now.

I just got a new hard drive because my computer die over the last week too, of course!  But I needed one anyway to have space to save the big files I am going to be working with now.    The putting it together phase….ahhhh…..

A little oddity.  I am missing 2 cards. The Hanged Man and the 2 of Cups.  I was missing the 8 of Swords too but I found it.  That card has been squirrely from day 1!  Now I have had many decks that I keep out and use every day but never have I had cards get lost like this.  I have combed the whole house over and over and they are nowhere to be found.   Makes you wonder what they are saying doesn’t it? 

I can’t wait until it is done!  

So, how are all of you doing?  Life treating you good? 

I’ve seen Avatar twice and loved it!  Though I didn’t care for the story….pure Disney playbook, hero’s journey for scriptwriters, playing wtih things they don’t understand, yadda yada yada….but the visuals make me wanna cry.

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