Another Try at the Titles

I got almost done with this last set of titles when I decided I didn’t like it.  Some of them looked so beautiful, but, it was too busy and distracting from the main image.  I want a balance.  So I had what I thought was a good idea yesterday and started on it, did a mock up last night and it looked pretty good.  Simple, not too masculine or feminine, not cliche, hand lettered, in style with the cards, mystical yet readable.

Hopefully I’ll have a sample to post by tonight.

Today I need to finish the banner itself and then start on the lettering.  I’ve been playing with all my pens and brushes and have finally settled on my good old crow quill pen and black india ink.  There is nothing better!  The ink is so black and the line so expressive.  I really love working in pen and ink.  I had been avoiding it because I didn’t want to mix mediums but the painted banner really was too much, I fear people wouldn’t be able to read the words.  This should be really clear though.  And it does give it a little bit of that old book illustration look that I like so much….not exactly but reminiscent of, and I don’t want exactly anyway, do I? 


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