Card Titles & PCS Dream

Unless I change my mind again this is what they are going to look like. 

This is something cool!:  A week or two ago I had this really nice dream where I was sitting on a mountain in New Mexico looking over the desert at sunset and writing a song to Pamela Colman Smith.  There were a lot of other little things going on too which have happened in real life since then like; in the dream the kids were playing on the edge of the mountain and I was telling them to step back from the edge a little, then when we were unloading a moving truck for my mother in law there the kids were looking exactly like in the dream playing on the edge of the truck. 

When I was writing the song to Pamela something told me “Don’t worry about rhyming now, just write down the basics and the rest will follow” and so I had my sheet of paper and I was writing down the names of all 78 cards.

Well, last night I was working on the titles.  What I did was take a sheet of paper and measure out lines to measure the letters.  First I pencilled in the letters and then inked over the pencil.  I did the roman numerals on 2 lines at the top and then I started penciling the names of the cards.  As I got to the bottom of the page I looked at it and had waves of deja vu, and then remembered the dream and that this was exactly what the page I  was writing in the dream was, all the words the numerals, everything was exactly the same!    I then realized these titles were a song to Pamela, or so there is a part of me that sees it that way.   The sun is setting on this project of mine after a long and difficult climb of what could be called a mountain.  New Mexico?  I don’t know except that I feel the southwest is my spiritual home.  I wondered after that dream if my soul went there while I slept at night.

I hope that Pamela is there somewhere in Eternity knowing that there is a small but devoted group of people that love her work and contribution to the world, to our world.

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8 Responses to Card Titles & PCS Dream

  1. pen* says:

    i am in love with your artwork.
    when i can i get my hands on a set of your cards?

  2. Claes-Berend says:

    I’m sorry, i do not like the image for the names. Too dominant, old fashioned, cliché. I like the lettering itself.

    And the cards are great, i like you attention for the details en the improvements in the cards themselves.


  3. Tarotsmyth says:

    Hi Claes-Berend,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about it. I thought it was the opposite of cliche and old fashioned so its interesting to me that you say that. I wonder if it depends on the part of the world you are from? I remember once someone from Prague commenting that the tarot of Prague was way too boring and old fashioned looking which was all together different than how I saw it. But, if you were raised with that kind of imagery it would seem old fashioned or maybe just blend into the background of everyday-ness.

    I ended up moving it to the top of the images. Well, I did want it to have the feel of old illustrations so it could be old fashioned in that way.


    • Earl says:

      Hey Marie, Good to see your back in action with your blog. Happy new year. I hope all is well. Just a comment on your titles. The very first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the white banner was the Robin Wood Tarot. I don’t know why. I don’t care for it in the slightest but somehow the thought got in there. When I looked closer and saw the winged disc I thought that was quite cool. I suppose the main drawback for me is the fact that the white banner would cover more then a just a little of your artwork and covering even a little of it should be enough to banish the idea forver. I know I know its your deck and your vision and ya gotta be true to it. I would only ask that you leave your 78 friends as naked as possible. All the best Marie. Keep us posted.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Earl,
    Thanks:) Well, I am pretty sure I am going to scrap this idea too. I got as far as finishing the major arcana but when I printed out some to see what they looked like in hand I didn’t like it at all. The white was glaring and the size seemed unbalanced, etc. I was able to add it without covering any of the image, don’t worry about that. I really wanted to keep them mostly borderless but so far none of the ideas have worked out so I think its time to try some borders. I could just do a plain white border but it seems so wrong.
    On the plus side I have been rescanning everything and some of these haven’t been scanned for 10 years…scanners have improved much since then and the images look great!
    Thank you for giving me your opinion, its all helpful.


    • Earl says:

      An idea that I’ve been rolling around in my head for borders that is is perhaps 1/8th of an inch all the way around with whatever title/words HAND WRITTEN at the bottom. Perhaps title on the left and astrological correlations on the right. Just a thought. Glad all is coming along. All the best. Earl

  5. Claes-Berend says:

    I agree, too big, too white, covering too big a part of your artwork. I think the cards need rounded corners and a tiny simple hand-made double-(thin)line border and i like your letters, probably they look nice without any background or illustration.

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