A New Border

This is what I have been working on.  Very simple and clean.  (The black around the whole outside is only there to distinguish the card from the white background)What do you think? 


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13 Responses to A New Border

  1. Ian says:

    I like that border is no longer covering the picture, giving it, indeed, a very clean look.

    I don’t like the font, though, too rough for the image – it does suit the banner, though.


  2. Caroline says:

    I love it – it really lets the image dominate. And I like how soft-spoken the font is.

  3. Briar Rose says:

    Nice! I think the lettering is gorgeous- strong, but the organicity of it keeps it softer. Glad you went with Roman numerals too. Although I’m usually 50/50 about borders, I do agree that the small border you made sets off the beauty of your image. Fantastic!

  4. Tarotsmyth says:

    Thanks!! I’m hand inking the lettering that’s why it looks so rough. It’s inspired by the old and beautiful Mantegna cards. I’m just really fond of hand lettering, I love the original lettering by PCS in the Rider Waite.


  5. Minh says:

    I think the white border is definitely working and the width is exactly right. I am not liking the hand-drawn black ruled border too much. I like the idea of using hand lettering, but I do not think the type style you have right now is working with your artwork. Your artwork has a very refined and mature quality to it while the lettering does not. If you can make your hand lettering looking expressive but refined and sophisticated at the same time, then it will go a lot better with the artwork. I remembered liking the set you did where the number of the card was on the left and the name of the card on the right. I thought that balanced really nicely. Check out this font site called myfont.com. Maybe you will find a more suitable inscriptional typeface or script that you could base your hand lettering on.

  6. Susan Schauer says:

    This is perfect, Marie! I like this new border and lettering a lot!

  7. Tarotsmyth says:

    Thank you to everyone who weighed in on this. It looks like I am about 50/50 for and against. I have noticed that the lettering looks better in real life than it does on the computer screen for some reason, it seems to distort it. I plan on finishing it up, its time consuming but might be worth it. If it then looks bad as a whole I found a really nice font I can use and it will only take a day or two to switch it over and in the meantime I’m on the lookout for any other font that would work though maybe I am lacking the proper name of it to find it. Medieval roman, uncial? is the best I Can figure so far.
    I don’t know why I am being so picky but this seems really important to me. Thanks for following along!

    • Bianca says:

      You’re being picky because this is your baby. Of course you want it to be perfect. I think you should stick with the hand lettering as well. It makes it uniquely you.

  8. Hedera says:

    I much prefer this simple border to the one with the scroll you posted later; I think the scrolls are much too busy, they take away a little from the artwork.

    This is nice and clean, but not too sterile-looking.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is my favorite Temperance card ever and I like the font too.

  10. Anonymous says:

    This border is the best one of all of the borders on your blog. They are clean and clear. They do NOT compete with the drawings nor do they distract from them. They are easy to read quickly so one can continue on with falling deeply within the cards.

  11. Bianca says:

    I like this version of the titles the best out of all. I think it’s very unobtrusive and looks a little more organic and flows with the natural feel of the cards. I think the bolder ones kind of take away from the beauty of the cards themselves. This one just stays out of the way and serves its purpose letting one focus on the art.

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