Ok, so I have been rescanning all of the images.  It has been going really well, beautifully really, a lot of these paintings I haven’t scanned for years and years and my scanner is much better now than a decade ago.  Last night I smacked against the wall with the 7s though.  They refused to go for it.   

I remember when I painted them I was very worried about color fading as it has in some of the older paintings, so I coated them with a retouch varnish.  The shiny is no good for scanning though!  It picks up all kinds of funky brushstrokes and glare.   I am going to clean them off today and see if that helps, if not I will need to order some matte varnish.    And man, the 7 of Swords looks like shit!  Somehow in my mind it looked great but now it really doesn’t.  What to do?  Maybe I need to *gulp* repaint it again.  Different design alltogether.  I consider that an important card, well, a lot of them are, but so is this one.  Gosh, it is the hero plucking a spark of divinity from Gods hands……what a momentous occasion, and the painting is failed.  How frustrating.  Sometimes, though, I think these things are delayed so they can be put together at the right time. 

Meanwhile, I get to move on to the 8s and 9s, wow how I love them!  I love going over all the cards again like this.  Every time I do I learn so much more about them.  Just taking the time to get the painting out, blow off the dust (figuratively, I wouldn’t really let dust settle on them) and handle them for a small amount of time, in order, is enough to be very inspiring. 

Actually, it isn’t that bad, I can paint it up when I do the card backs which will hopefully be soon.  I want to hurry up and be done but then what makes me thing a huge project like this which took so long would tie up quickly and neatly.  Its a process.

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