Borders and Titles Done.

Rescanning done.  Titles done.  Next…finish back design.  Write book. 

I constructed these titles from an old manuscript with a beautiful carolingian style script.  It might still need some tweaking but that’s pretty much it!  I like how the shape of the whole composition resembles a cartouche. 

I will still probably do some hand made decks that are borderless because there just should be some of them out there. 

Thank you to everyone who gave me such good ideas and suggestions both here and privately!


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28 Responses to Borders and Titles Done.

  1. I can’t breathe. I’m too excited for words. I like the font and cartouche embellishment, though I would be one of those clamoring for a borderless deck. Thank you for this exciting update.

  2. Celice says:

    So beautiful! I love the script font you used! I can’t wait for this deck to be released, it is #1 on my wishlist.

  3. Hedera says:

    Those look beautiful!!!

    I’m very much a fan of borderless decks, but these really work well.
    They hold their own with the artwork on the card, but they’re not intrusive at all.

    If you do a borderless version as well, I will just have to get them both, I’m afraid. 😉

    I’m really looking forward to the release of the entire deck (have had the majors & Aces for years), but I’m trying hard to not think about it too much, because it sounds like it could still be a while.

    Do I understand correctly that you don’t have a publisher yet?
    Have you considered contacting Leisa, from Tarotconnections?
    I’m not sure she’s in the market for producing a new deck, but I love what she did with the Touchstone.

    • Tarotsmyth says:

      Hi Hedera,

      It probably won’t be too much longer now, at least for a handmade version, I only have a few more things to do.
      I just decided that I am going to self publish, maybe I will call Leisa for some pointers:) I’ve heard nothing but good about her decks.
      Thanks for the kind words:)

  4. Anne says:

    I’m very much anticipating the release of your deck. Your art is absolutely stunning!!!

    Just recently, I came across this image of your limited edition Majors at, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the simplicity of that title treatment. Your work is so beautiful, but I think less is more when it comes to the title treatment.

    • Tarotsmyth says:

      Hi Anne,
      Thank you:)
      I liked that too, but I wanted to do something different this time around.


  5. Susan Schauer says:

    This is lovely, Marie. Will you be self publishing the deck?

  6. pen* says:

    i just LOVE you artwork.
    when and where can i get a set?

    • Tarotsmyth says:

      Hi Pen,
      Thanks! Well, it isn’t available yet, but it is in the the works; keep watching here for any news.


  7. Marieke says:

    Hi Marie,

    This looks great! Wow you’ve been working hard! Good luck with the book, can’t wait for it to be finished.


  8. Claes-Berend says:

    The font reminds me of the font Sinead O’Connor used on ‘So far the best of…’-album.

  9. Corvid says:

    I am so excited to see that the deck is almost finished! Though I must say, while I like this border/title, I still prefer the very simple, all-caps style borders you posted on Jan. 27… there was just something about the simplicity that really appealed to me. BUT – my opinion could change when I see the finished product!

    • Tarotsmyth says:

      Thank you Corvid,

      The look I have really been going for is the old style illustrations like Durer or Walter Crane or alchemical type illustrations with the handwritten titles. I think for clarity’s sake I will have to use a font, though. It ain’t over till it’s over! Thanks for giving me your opinion on it, I’ll keep it in mind.


  10. Naneki says:

    I think I’m like Hedera and will have to buy both the decks; with borders and without! I absolutely love your deck and can’t wait to have it in my hands. I’ve been anticipating this one for as long as I’ve been anticipating Joana’s Gaian Tarot. Will there be a list we can put our names on to order this deck? I’m terrified that it will sell out before I realize it’s for sale!

    • Tarotsmyth says:

      Hi Naneki,

      It looks like this will no lnger be a problem! Schiffer assured me they planned on having a long run with it, so I don’t think it will sell out anytime soon.


  11. K. says:

    Though, I love a borderless one, a very thin border does not disturb me at all. However, the only thing that bothers me is that winged brand.

    I really like a paper-roll style brand that you posted on the 1st of February (if only the banner is moved to the bottom of the picture. But, if it is not possible, I would like to second Corvid on the very simple style border.

    Love your artwork
    Kind regards,

  12. Anica says:

    wow – i love the movement and the packed compositions – you are also inspiring me with all of this color, a light touch!

  13. Kat says:

    Hi there Marie,

    your artwork is absolutely amazing, and, honestly, I can’t wait for you deck to be published… if I may tell you though,I still prefer the very simple, all-caps style borders you posted on Jan. 27 – or otherwise a borderless deck … your art is too lively and “there” to be distracted from by borders or fonts.
    or anything else…

  14. A. says:

    I’m afraid I like this version of the titles least of all. My favorite by lengths is the simple style from January 27 or something similar. In my eyes, any sort of illustration around the titles (like the wings, but also like the scrolls), even a very “script-y” font take away too much attention from the actual images. I would much, much prefer a font that doesn’t compete with your wonderfully vivid paintings but that contrasted them by it’s quiet simplicity.
    Just my two cents, of course. 🙂

  15. AJ says:

    Thank you for using discs rather than pents…

  16. Yooin Seihoo says:

    Good time of the day, Marie.

    I feel kinda awkward writing here and now, as something inside tells me that being a big fan of your work as both an artwork and a great deck for reading, I should browse for changes more often than I am… ah, well, things are the way they are.

    Seeing your deck – which is really a masterpiece – nearing completion is a really joy-filling moment of my life. All cards are great – beautifully drawn, filled with meaning and combine with each other in a most harmonious way. Ah, heck, my English is just not good enough to express what I feel )

    Though I can’t keep myself from mentioning that I kinda liked borderless design with a parchment-style brand most of all, and that egyptian wingy-thing cartouche seems a little out of place.

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