Card Backs

I’m presently taking a break from painting the card back because my fingers are frozen.  It’s 47 out but apparently that is still too cold to paint in.

Like I mentioned, it is 2 snakes, ouroboros, locked together.  The colors I decided on were the spectrum of thermal colors, the colors of heat.    And then for the background I wanted black.  I decided that I would mix my black by combining an equal amount of my 3 primaries rather than my usual which would be ultramarine blue with burnt umber, or mars or ivory black from the tube.   At first it looked like melting crayons.  Then it made the most beautiful shade of violet.  Violet! with a big dollop of yellow!    I decided to go with it.  I am convinced that several layers of this beautiful violet will make a rich black, so I can’t wait to get those other layers on there; it might take a few days.

Fingers thawed, time to resume play.

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1 Response to Card Backs

  1. Violet seems like the quintessential “backdrop” color (heehee) to your deck. It has that perfect richness and depth.

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