Finished Card Back

Here is the finished card back.  I hope the blue looks as nice on your screen. 

I figured out the violet dilemma.  I have been using crimson or magenta shades as my primary red lately and then mixing my own reds with crimson and yellow.  So if you take crimson and yellow which make red and then add blue, you get purple!  Red +blue = purple.  It never occurred to me that purple contained or could contain its contrasting color. Very interesting and intriguing to me.

So, next I mixed up pthalo green and crimson to make my ‘black’.   This time it made a perfect indigo!  And so about 4 layers on top of the first one of purple later, this is what you have.  I could have added a few more and got it darker but I liked it at this point – it seemed very harmonious. 

I am happy you can take two of these and rotate one 180 degrees and they will look almost the same.  Nice reversible back without having to digitally mirror an image.  It isn’t exact for sure.  I haven’t decided if I want to put a white border on it yet.

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16 Responses to Finished Card Back

  1. It’s a beautiful indigo. Personally, I like the full-bleed (no white border).

  2. Hedera says:

    It looks beautiful!
    A nice, sort of nightsky-in-a-deep-forest kind of blue. Wonderful colour; I have yarn for a sweater I’m planning to knit in that shade. 😉

    I really love the back as it is; nice and simple but not boring, doesn’t take attention away from the front of the card but can stand on it’s own – and the ones that are organically-reversible are my favorites. 🙂

    I hope you’ll leave the back without border, that way it sort of cradles the image on the front of the card.

    Hmmm, you know, I’ve been pondering designs for a new tattoo for a while… could be I’ll ask your permission to use this one at some point!

    • Tarotsmyth says:

      Thanks Hedera:)

      If you ever decide to get that as a tattoo send me a picture of it! I love that stuff!


  3. Anne says:

    I love the card backs!!! My vote goes for no border too.

  4. Beth says:

    Love it! I especially like the mischievous joy that I detect in the snakes’ expression. 🙂

    (FWIW, I like the notion of the backs without a white border.)

  5. Tamara says:

    The backs are lovely. I’m excited to see this gorgeous deck in print!

  6. K. says:

    I like the dark tone of this card back.
    I also like the back without a white border.
    However, this would depend on the card stock.
    This is because if the card stock is not good enough, there may be some white scratch marks on the border after a few uses.

    I had to request some replacement cards from the publisher due to this kind of problems because I cannot select cards from the fan-out deck without noticing such white marks on some of them.

    Many people here seem to like the simple card back.
    I would apologise to say that I would be only one person that needs a (little bit) more complicated card back.
    This is mainly because your artwork on the front is quite astonishing and seems like these animals/people actually exist, while this card back looks somewhat Manga thingy (i.e. Cartoony).
    If these snakes look as real as the snake in your 7 of Swords, that would be great.

  7. Anica says:

    i like the balanced, simple imagery.

    – my favorite purples are made with transparent alazarin crimson hue, pthalo blue is alot like ‘crack’ if you escuse my french, its so mesmorising it can take control of the entire painting, so i just allow myself the traditional ultramarine blue, which can make a deep black too

  8. Anna says:

    I love indigo and it looks very magic and deep. The image of Uroborus on it tells me enough – that everything under this coat is a neverending mystery.
    I vote for no white border.
    I’m sorry for my question if it seems strange ’cause you’ve already answered but maybe you can tell once more when it will be published and how we could get it?

  9. debra says:

    Printing will be easier if the back does not have a white border, as any slight deviation in registration will be less obvious.

    Also, it’s more mysterious this way. It’s infinity within infinite space. Infinity does not have a white border 🙂

  10. debra says:

    I wanted to add: I like the script you made for the titles. But these lovely letters have no breathing room. The wings are mechanical and cold in contrast to your own organic and warm style of painting. Titles squeezed to fit between identical “bookends” is not consistent with the wonderful sense of composition displayed in each painting. A simple hand-painted flourish on each side of a more naturally-spaced title might better reflect your creation process and the spirit of the images, which is anything but mechanistic.

  11. Celice says:

    I love, love these backs so much! I’ve always found the ouroboros symbolism interesting and I think it fits well with your cards, especially without a border.

    As for the titles, I think they look nice though I have a slight preference for the simple script used on the majors only set (don’t have it but I’ve seen pictures). Either way I’m so excited for this set and can’t wait until they are published.

  12. Annette Romano says:

    Hello there–
    Really wondering about the publishing progress and when the Mary El deck and book will be available for purchase.
    Thank you!

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