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You are probably wondering why I changed my mind about self publishing.  

I was going ahead with that and then unexpectedly was contacted by Schiffer.  After talking to them it was clear to me that they were going to allow me creative freedom, they didn’t want to change or alter anything I didn’t want changed or altered.  That was my biggest fear about going with a major publisher – that it would become Mary-el light. 

I still had to think long and hard about it and I had to consider, who would be best able to bring this into the world?    I had to conclude that they were.   And, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do a book with it at this time beyond a LWB  if I self published but with them I can!

So there you go! 

I’m still going to do some tweaking with the borders and titles a bit.  Otherwise I now have a deadline for writing the book, which I have already started. 

So far I have mostly pulled in all of my notes and documents I have done over the years and that was a job in itself.  Im trying to organize it and then I’ll start going through it.  I noticed from the start that some of this is so old it isn’t that relevent anymore.   It’s good to see how the images came together but my ideas about them are more mature now.   It’s funny to find some of these old notes that seemed insignifigant at the time but was really an important seed for the future structure.    By far the most written about are the Hierophant and the 5s followed by, strangely enough, the High Priestess. 

Oh yeah, and then I’ll have more time to paint vs. doing business.

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17 Responses to More About Publishing

  1. Claes-Berend says:

    Does that mean that it will be published soon? Would be fantastic!! I hope i can order them from the Netherlands also.
    And some advise: don’t give away the copyrights! At least get them back as soon as they take the book or deck out of print or as you decide to quit your relationship with them. This should be arranged in your first contract.

    • Tarotsmyth says:

      It’s supposed to come out in the fall of 2011, so a year and a half.
      Yep, I keep all copyrights:)
      I did think of you when this came up – I don’t think there will be any problem ordering from the Netherlands.

  2. K says:

    This is such a great news.
    Here are the most issues I like;
    – the deck with a real book not just a LWB
    – Some tweaking with the borders and titles.
    (Please note that those wings have been discussed in the Aeclectic forum)
    – The artwork will not be changed by the publisher.
    Thank you very much for creating this great deck.

    • Tarotsmyth says:

      Thank you K!
      I think it is going to work out very nicely:)
      I might take a jaunt over to Aeclectic….


  3. Marieke says:

    Congratulations! I’m glad you found somebody your happy with. I can’t wait till fall 2011.
    Good luck with writing the book.

  4. Marie, those are WONDERFUL news. I think you did a good things by accepting Schiffer’s proposal. I hope they do a great promotion job. I can feel that your decks is destined to be one of the greatest ones in the contemporary era, and of course, I want my copy!! Good luck with everything and many Blessings in this beautiful path of yours.

  5. Lina says:

    I hope I will be able to order one copy to Russia:)
    I’m really happy to see you so energetic and hopeful. Be sure you have some admirers in Moscow who is waiting and cheering for you!


  6. Morgaina Dee says:

    CONGRATULATIONS,and Happy Birthday today the 5th. Wrote you on the group, but checked this out and found it and was so excited about your good news I just had to write you here.
    I can’t WAIT until fall 2011, oh well, guess I have to.
    Your deck rocks.

  7. anica says:

    this is good as long as your being treated fairly – and what could be better than having more free time to create!

  8. fyreflye says:

    Well now I feel better about you giving up on self publishing. If Schiffer had been around in 1944 even Uncle Al might have signed with them 😀

  9. SekhmetIdaho says:

    So happy you found a publisher and can’t wait till Fall 2011. Will you be offering any signed or special editions for those people who purchased your Majors deck way back when? Just curious. I’m really looking forward to some powerful readings with your extraordinary deck. So glad you are using a minimal boarder, I won’t have to wear my reading glasses to see the details. Congratulations,
    Ankh em Ma’at

  10. This is awesome news! I am so excited for you! Thank you so much for creating this deck and sharing the journey! Allt he best to you and yours! 🙂

  11. I have read with the Crowley Thoth deck for almost 20 years and was looking for a change of pace — but something with INCREDIBLE imagery still — when I came across your deck. After 20 yrs of searching, I have finally found a deck that can compete with the Thoth deck’s art — and even RIVALS it’s complexity in many ways. Congrats on a gorgeous and incredible desk and I truly will be honored to use this for my readings and magick. I would love to get a signed copy from you.

    ~ Lady Talisman, HPS
    Eclectic Pagan High Priestess

  12. Annette Romano says:

    H there—
    It’s September 11th, 2010 and I am awaiting this extraordinary deck, along with all your other devoted followers.
    I wonder if there is any news on the publication date? Or, perhaps a better question might be, how’s the book coming along? I am so looking forward to it!!!
    Can’t wait, can’t wait!
    Annette Romano

  13. smshelley says:

    I’m very excited for this Tarot deck. I hope that one day I will have it in my hands. The artwork is extremely powerful and you must do this intuitively. Hats off to you, with a bow. I will anxiously await its release.

    S. M. Shelley

  14. Paula Falce says:

    I´m so anxious… I folow your desk since I stat to study and read Tarot and Kabalah in 2003. And I loved your picturesso much. Every card helpme to see a diferent face of de same one. I really can´t at for 2011´fall, I want your desk and your bookin my hands!!!

  15. Rasa says:

    I am excited to hear that your deck will be readily available from a publisher– I love self-published decks, but often the cost is prohibitive for me to acquire them.
    I am also happy to hear that there will be a companion book!
    Is it possible that images of previous versions of the cards could be included in the book? I think it’s been fascinating to watch the images form and transform over time, and I miss some of the versions that are no longer part of the deck (like the original Star card).
    I hope that the book will share some of the process you went through in creating each card.. I always enjoy reading about that more than just hearing the card interpretations.
    In any case, I’ll look forward to purchasing the set when it’s available! 🙂

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