Fun with Dates

I have uploaded some cards that correspond with todays date, hopefully it works!  We have Justice for August, The Tower for the 16th, Judgment for 20 and The Hanged Man for 12.

Starting with the year there is Judgment and the Hanged Man which I think is pretty funny considering that everyone has been waiting anxiously for the end of the world!  Judgment day is end of the world and waiting is the Hanged Man, hahaha!!  Love it!!

Today has Justice and the Tower.  That is meaningful to me personally as last night while I was thinking about doing this I went back and started reading these old posts for the first time.  I usually don’t re-read them because it’s somewhat uncomfortable to me like hearing the sound of my own voice.    I was struck by all of these little threads of circumstances I naively was describing which meant little or nothing at the time but ended up coming together into one of the great tower periods of my life.    Today I am trying to reconcile and make sense out of it, and really feeling pretty good about it.

I have also come to realize that since I sent off that last envelope with the manuscript to Schifffer Books, I have been in a state of burn-out.  I haven’t really wanted anything to do with tarot and whatever passion I had for it has been nil.  Part of that is just my focus on my personal life, but a big part is just burn out.  So, I have been trying to break through it because I know my work is not done here yet.  I CAN abandon it now but that’s  not a good thing.   Very much the Tower and Justice.  Maybe I will finally break through.

Do these cards mean anything to you today?




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11 Responses to Fun with Dates

  1. Yes they do I have just been banned by a forum for my passion of standing up to control paradigms. While I accept the forum owner has the right to ban me despite having at their request given many hours of my own time, I feel that is was unjust. Justice. In effect the hours of work that I built up there I can no longer access. The Tower.

    I have been judged and back handed due to the fixed subjectivity of another views simply because I have challenged them and raised my concerns over new ruling that banned the concept of channeling. Judgement

    I am calm with this scenario however interested to see how it will play out as what I was informed was a weeks ban looks to be of a more permanent arrangement. Not hanging about for an apology. The Hanged Man.

  2. velvetinabat says:

    I’ve begun my own exploration of this astonishing deck, and would be delighted to be included in any manner of discussion group.
    The Tower has been – and continues to be – pertinent to my life for several weeks now, but although unsettling , I’m welcoming the changes.(illness, redundancy)
    Yesterday I was meditating upon the Judgement phoenix rising out of the flames of the Tower. I must confess, I have not read much of the accompanying book as I prefer to see how i respond to the images first.
    So far, I have been amazed at synchronicities, perplexed by clues, challenged by images and ideas and overwhelmed with the possiblities and potential of my relationship with this deck.

    • Tarotsmyth says:

      Thanks Velvetinabat! I have to admit I usually just scan the books that come with decks. It’s there if you need the resource though. Happy you are finding it useful:)

  3. grneyedgypsy says:

    A Great Awakening indeed!!! We are now all willing to allow the forces of nature to change us in ways we have never before. Surrendering to these forces, Trusting that the Judgement is Fair and Just. We are willing to go through the pain for the promise of a better day. Allow life to have its way with you…

  4. grneyedgypsy says:

    I’ve had my ups and down with Tarot as well. But when you just walk away from it… you would be surprised how quickly you snap back and grab for the cards. Less work and more play. If you aren’t in a playful mood, then don’t force it.

  5. LisaM. says:

    Interesting cards for my 5th graders first day back to school. Expectations always seem to explode (sometimes implode) upon returning to a classroom full of kids…I’ll have to see how it went for him today-then I’m sure my expectations will do a dance of trying to understand his day. Ah, motherhood.

  6. Michelle says:

    I happened on to this today and, as usual, this deck is amazing. I don’t even have to pull the cards… velvetinabat’s comment burst the door wide open on this one – the phoenix rising out of the Tower – like a camera close up! It fits today perfectly.

    It has been a year of shattering changes but it felt like today they began to make sense, to feel less random and that there is a point. It also follows that it has been going on beneath the surface all year. Today is one of those days where the Tower helps me glimpse past the crap to the ‘why’ behind the Judgement/Hanged Man. In a year of changes outside of me and my control, Justice lands in the month that I finally see it. Now I can get going on merging/balancing the internal and external changes the year has brought forth and look forward. My year card for 2012 is Strength. I think November will bring the ‘how’. But I think I already know because I have already ‘let go’.

    Thanks for this Marie! The timing was perfect! 🙂 Those of us stumbling on this today are right there with you….

  7. Diane says:

    Actually, this spread encapsulates my life right now to a tee. Not my day, per se, but the overarching thing going on for me that is, sadly, my main focus.

  8. Morgana says:

    Marie in my daily reading today the end result was Hanged Man and the Low part of the day was Justice. I discovered that someone I dearly love passed away six weeks ago. I felt it so strongly but couldn’t find out any information until it was confirmed today. My I-Ching for the day was breakthrough, so yes, it was. I love your deck and work with it daily.

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