Study Group and the Star


Today is the 17th and the Tower from yesterday gives way to the Star as hope and inspiration for the future.  Seems like a fitting day to say that I will definitely be doing the study group here.  It’s nice and quiet and open to all who are interested.



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10 Responses to Study Group and the Star

  1. Jean Hutter says:

    Great I am very excited.

  2. Great news
    When you painted The Star was there a deeper meaning to these colours?



    • Tarotsmyth says:

      This Star was originally painted as a replacement for the Hierophant, and in the limited edition I made she is the Hierophant. I looked through my old notes on her for a particular reason for the color and couldn’t find anything specific except that she have ‘earthy’ colors.
      The Hierophant and the 5s was/were something I fretted over pretty much from beginning to end! At some point when I decided to keep the original Hierophant and to repaint the Star, I looked at this image and realized it had all the attributes I had wanted for the Star and was the Star. She had the right color, she was a guide, her feet were inportant in her painting and Hod and Netzach are the feet if you lay the tree of life over a mans body, etc. The color was orange because 1+7=8. 8 is Hod which is Orange.

  3. Morgana says:

    Great 😉

  4. Debi Ann says:

    The Star, after the Tower, motivated me to do a reading on my work situation that has changed do to a management change from people oriented to elite authority. I ask what I could do to make my job a place I want to go to again and obtain some piece within the new structure. Much to my surprize I drew The Star, The Hermit, Knight of Wands and 6 of Disks. It was quite clear. In my position I used to be a shining light, a person others could come for help and support. But now I have been placed in an out of sight and mind place where the shining of my light can not be seen or used no matter what I do. I see I must begin a path of least resistance to the changes and use the energy I am receiving to transform myself and situations. Staying on this path, with patience, I will become myself and have the wisdom and energy to manifest the changes needed to bring peace to my job without selling out.

    I would be interested in any other comments on this.

    • Tarotsmyth says:

      Hi Debi Ann, the first thing I thought when I read this was that you were being locked in a tower. The Star (guiding light) The Hermit (alone), the Knight of Wands (lightning in a bottle) the 6 of Disks, guardian of the gate, holding a magic lamp, seem to confirm what you feel about having your energy locked away. The 6 of Disks tells me you don’t want to just shoot out because that would be releasing Pandora’s box, rather you want to earn freedom through hard work and consistency.

  5. Debi Ann says:

    I’m curious about Jonathan’s question too.

  6. The Star is a great Star-t for the study group! We are all star-stuff, and to the stars we will return. Transmitted, then transmuted.

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