Moon and Sun

Still busy preparing for BATS!  Getting really excited about it and can’t wait to see my sister too!

Yesterday and today were the 18th and 19th, the Moon and Sun.

The Moon always says to me things that were dark or hidden being revealed.  The Sun is bright illumination.

These sure played out in my days as I had a big breakthrough yesterday which broke me out of the stall I was stuck in. Then today I got a ton of work done, got a whole bunch of things planned and prepared for, a very productive day!

How was it for you?

(by the way I don’t consider this an official part of the study group since it is just general tarot.  Merely passing time until after BATS)

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4 Responses to Moon and Sun

  1. BATS is this a show or a movie or are you going to see actual Bats?

  2. I can relate to that – I had some ideas last few days that could be a return of inspiration having been dragged down by other issue of late . ( the sun peeps back in , I have been needing the fire again, self empowerment ) I have an idea about running a creative tarot workshop where I live- its just having the kahunas to do it , so questioning that in my mind just now , also going to do nanowrimo this year — As a story teller and creative I find your deck seems to trigger that within me , perhaps also the heroes journey is underpinning the energies of the deck as I know you use and refer Joseph Campbell a lot ( I have huge respect and love for his works ) where would we be without the shoulders of others to stand on eh .. I am doing a lay out and playing DCD new album in the background and they work so SO well together 🙂 Hope your week is going well .

  3. Wintergreen says:

    Is anything going to happen with regards to a study group?
    Kind regards!

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