Card of the Day 10/4/2012

The 5 of Cups – Reversed.

What does this card mean to you?

How does it apply to your day? (note: you can answer this now and again at the end of the day)

What would this card mean if in combination with the card we are studying this week – The Fool?

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9 Responses to Card of the Day 10/4/2012

  1. Ian says:

    Anything you ever held doesn’t belong to you. Just like water, they just remain in a place for a while, adopt the shape of their surroundings yet never yield their true essence. Water always returns to its cycle. That which is gone isn’t lost – it’s finding itself.

    Just like The Fool.

  2. Debi Ann says:

    Oh boy. This is a card I have been frequently receiving lately. I don’t work with reversals, but upright it has reflected me being surrounded by chaos, but staying calm and centered. Reversed, I would say the calm before the storm and to watch my internal balance as the tendency to loose it is greater.

  3. LisaM. says:

    I like this card…but I don’t really work with reversals either…life throws us enough flack as it is.
    Even though the fives present us with challenges…I see protective qualities within the Mary-El fives. The Five of Cups has Odin’s horse (Sleipnir?) protecting the garden entrance (of Eden?). Perhaps even better-Guardians that “bar” the way in challenge…like the Sphinx and her riddles.
    Upright the Five of Cups shows the well running over…meaning it’s full and deep…upside down, the water runs low and shallow…maybe to the point of an emotional drought. Maybe the challenge is to dive deep to find the source of the leak.

    • Marie White says:

      I like this interpretation. The way I saw it was that being reversed it isn’t above the well but still in it and that is similar to you saying the challenge is to dive deep.
      When I get this card it often means healing from some big hurt or pain – going inside to look for it and fix the leak is one way to deal with it.
      I would couple that thought with the Fool be saying to do so fearlessly, without hesitation.
      This really is accurate to some of the inner work I have been doing this week.
      Another thing I thought when I first saw that combination was to take whatever this pain or injury was (5C) and step lightly away from it (Fool) to gain a better and more objective perspective.

  4. Morgana Dee says:

    I didn’t see these responses yesterday, but then it was a very busy day at work for me and I couldn’t take little email breaks. I really like what you say about the 5 of cups rev meaning diving deep, doing the inner work and healing. I am very happy you have begun this study of your cards Marie.

  5. As a Scotsman I have a soft spot for the Unicorn, its apparent gentle protection, yet it has a certain fierceness in particular to those who’s willingness to use its energy for their own ends, those who would think to gain an upper hand over an individual who is suffering from an emotional wound.

    So for myself the Unicorn is the protector of the Grail and also the wild healer.


    “And he separated the two petals and within was a swirling jewel, red, white and black. It grew towards the arch of the heavens.

    In spiral forms it stretched forth it had an extension that each ovate would understand.

    What was once man, became centaur.
    What was once centaur became Unicorn.

    And finally to make itself known to soothsayers it spread its wings beyond both splendour and majesty.”

    All could see or at least feel the spiral horn. Yet not all could see it as good and not all could see it as evil.”

    The Book of Wizard Paradox
    Chapter 23 verses 1 to 5

  6. I just purchased this deck and love, love, love the imagery. for me it is perfect partner for the Mother Mary Oracle deck I also got. Mother Mary has been calling to me for a long time. I adore this deck. Thank you so much Marie for taking the time and energy to produce this wonderful deck. so thankful it is still available. What a gem of a deck. This is the first tarot deck that I have found that has the depth I have been looking for. appreciate the study group blog here. thank you from the bottom of my heart. I agree that the feeling of the two cards is stop for deep healing. surrender, be open responsive, reflective.

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