Card of the Day 10/5/2012

The Hierophant –  Reversed

What does this card mean to you?


How does it apply to your day?


What would this card mean if in combination with the card we are studying this week – The Fool?


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8 Responses to Card of the Day 10/5/2012

  1. Marie White says:

    Another reversed *5*. I would dare say the energy of this card is far different than the 5 of Cups.

  2. Marie White says:

    Sometimes I use reversals and sometimes I don’t. When I started shuffling to do the first card of the day yesterday it just felt right to do so. There are some messages there, so, worth studying I think.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Marie from disappointment in love with 5 of cups to adding the Hierophant reversed is interesting in that, I see the Heirophant reversed as a religious figure or other authority figure being abusive.

  4. Morgana Dee says:

    That was me, Morgana who made that reply as anonymous. I gave my email addy but it considers me anonymous I spose because I didn’t type in my name. So then Heirophant rev with the Fool card being studied would perhaps be an abusive authority figure who takes big risks in his behaviour. I really liked what you said about the Fool by the way.

  5. Marie White says:

    Thanks Morgana! (and nice to see you)
    Maybe an authority figure caused the dissapointment in love of the 5 of Cups.

  6. LisaM. says:

    Hmmm…I didn’t think of that about the reversals…seeing things in a different way-sort of like the Hanged Man.

    This card has always been a difficult one for me…no matter which deck I use.

    Upright-she seems rigid…reversed-even more so…?

  7. Debi Ann says:

    The Hierophant reversed in my day (work) represented the key falling from my neck and I did not stand on my truth and allowed the earthly political to lead my course. I stood back and let others verbalized nonsense. Not usually what I do, but, today I weakened and gave in. The babies also become unbalanced and bringing in the Fool consciously would have helped upright the situation. What inside me is giving up?

  8. Our Fool has stepped on a journey, along the way there was witness to the wound of the world, and the wound in us all that requires healing, (The Five of Cups Reversed), however as yet no solution has been found, only the wound that is cascading, the spiral form of the horn points downwards. Its force descending suggesting that the source of the wound whilst deep comes from above.

    Next he finds the image of the Hierophant, reversed, what knowledge comes forth to the supplicant babes from these wizened teats? Is this the blind faith in dogma, is our fool being gullible.

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