I The Magician – Study Group Post #3

The Magician is the opposite of the Fool.  Where the Fool has no number the Magician is numbered 1, a number which contains everything without division.  If you look at the image it is as though you are looking down on the tree of life, through Ain Soph, to Kether who is the Magician and the two trees which are the pillars of Justice and Mercy on either side, or Jachin and Boaz, or the trees of Life and the tree of Knowledge of Good and evil.  (Sound like the *High Priestess -Knowledge of Good and Evil* and the *Empress – Life*?  I think it does.)  I also like to think of these as the open legs of the High Priestess, who’s body lies beneath the surface of the water.

These two trees are duality in all of its forms and are the doorway between the world of spirit and the world of the material.  The Magician reaches through that doorway to hand you this beautiful orb he is holding.

This orb is the Metatron’s cube, the philosophers stone, the egg of the Phoenix and so on, it is your potential and destiny, your map, and your god given gifts and talents.  It is life.

I see the Magician as the master of the 4 elements.  As the Emperor rules and orders all that is around him, the Magician contains it all within himself, he is complete.

Here are some ideas I have when I get the Magician in a reading:  A gift, god given skills, your potential or genius.  A seed of your potential.  Communication, manifestation.  The Magician holds a clear vision of what he wants.

If the card is reversed I see trouble manifesting and communicating, being unable to focus on your will or what you want.  Not utilizing your natural talents and gifts.

Some notes on the creation of this painting – This is the second Magician.  The first one appears in the limited edition I self published in 2003.  It was an early painting and I wasn’t satisfied with it for a long time but didn’t feel I knew enough to do the Magician I felt was in there.  It was one of the last things I painted when all of the cards were done.

**Each card contains a whole spectrum of positive and negative.  Accept the whole.  Strengthen the positive with right thought and action.  Mitigate the  negative with humor and humility.  All is a perfect whole.

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1 Response to I The Magician – Study Group Post #3

  1. Debi Ann says:

    This is a good card/energy to go to when your mind is so full of chaos, a focus and direction is almost impossible to obtain. The Magician communicates if I take a few deep breaths, clear my mind, all the tools and answers are there for me to choose from and move forward with confidence. A way to identify and separate the negative from the positive and choose with wisdom.

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