Card of the Day 10/10/2012

II The High Priestess

What does this card mean to you?

How does it apply to your day?

What would this card mean if in combination with the card we are studying this week – The Magician?

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5 Responses to Card of the Day 10/10/2012

  1. grneyedgypsy says:

    This card to me is the collective unconscious. It is the energy that makes up everything that is. This is a resource that you can draw from through the Magician. It is the direct link to the infinite where anything is possible.

  2. With The Magician the Sun is behind Masculine – conscious active, With The High Priestess the Moon is behind Feminine, unconscious.

    Bringing them both together is the unity of balance, between the masculine and the feminine, between conscious and unconscious.

    The unity speaks of the Secrets of The Supernal, that come together to sit within The Abyss, (Daath), and there extend their Magick to all entities below the veil.

  3. Debi Ann says:

    Reading what Jonathan wrote so eloquently, and I could relate it to my day having various conscious things needing attention, and letting go of controlled solutions, the HP (unconscious) worked with the MJ to provide next steps and identify solutions from spirit.

  4. Marie White says:

    Powerful pair! My day also reflected a deep sense of chaos, of things I did not know about and can’t control but that will really shape my future. In the Magician I can manifest that energy in a way that will be very important.

  5. LisaM. says:

    How deep can you go to let go? You have the means, so be who you seem-inside, outside.

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