Card of the Day 10/14/2012

6 of Disks – Reversed

Can you come up with one word to describe this card?

Can you make a sentence to describe this card?

Can you make a sentence with the 6 of Disks reversed and the Magician?

Do you see these cards manifesting in your life today?

What are the predominant colors? Does that mean anything to you?

What is the dominant subject?

How does it make you feel?

Does it bring up any memories for you?  Even fragmented ones of thoughts, smells, sensations, emotions, sounds, etc.

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4 Responses to Card of the Day 10/14/2012

  1. Marie White says:

    More card specific questions: What have you let out of the bottle that you are now trying to put back in? Is there something in your body or material life that needs healing? Have you had interesting dreams, or more specifically with this reversed card, nightmares? Is there a balance in your life that has been recently upset?

    • Marie White says:

      My answers. I love this card btw. Strangely I did have nightmares last night about snakes. They were big and poisonous and I was trying to kill them and stuff them into flimsy paper bags and then close them tightly, tape them shut and then put them all in a bigger container which I hoped to throw in a lake. I felt it was illegal to do so but I didn’t have a choice because they were trying to kill me. I think they probably represent a problem with the tarot cards themselves, something thats been going on this week that I am not happy about and trying to figure out how to solve. I can see them being like snakes I’ve let out and now would like to take back. Oh well, can’t really discuss it here, but I understand what it means.
      One word: regret.
      Sentence: Put the snakes back.
      The Magician is trying to fix this imbalance. He uses his skills of manifestation and communication to do that.
      Predominant colors are very earthy as they should be with a Disk/earth card. There is a fantastic streak of fire through the center though, and in this reversed card it isnt rising out but going back in. The thought that keeps coming to mind is that I don’t know if it is just a fear or perception of a mistake or really an imbalance. It may just be an uncomfortable but necessary part of the journey, I really suspect this to be true. Not everything bad or uncomfortable is wrong, its often something that supplies energy for what’s to come.
      The dominant Subject is the angel Gabriel, the only one I painted as a woman of the 4. I thought of her as a guardian of the gateway between heaven and earth and a Lilith type figure, thus the snake body. Snakes are very much a symbol of earth wisdom, powerful, dangerous, beautiful, undulating, shedding their skin and renewing themselves. Perhaps being uncomfortable is that point where your skin is all dry and sloughing off, obscuring your eyes and making it hard to move and making you vulnerable. But shortly it will be gone and you will be gorgeous and new!
      I saw her as the guardian of the gates between the garden of eden and the world of good and evil (symbolic!!!) Birth. Once born you can’t go back to that idealized state, once anything is manifested (Magician) it is here for better or worse. Causality. Pandora’s Box. A bell which has been rung.

      How does this card make me feel? Pretty good actually. Like I said I love this card, I think its beautiful and I’m proud of it. I don’t care if it’s reversed I just see that as a bump in the road. A challenge, but still the energy is there. And the energy of this card is bringing forth something beautiful from the Garden of Eden, something beautiful and perfect (Lovers – Beauty/Tipareth). That makes me think also that things don’t have the same kind of beauty here and that’s ok.

      Memories? Well yeah totally the dream I had last night. Memories of all of the art I have done where I imagine it one way and it comes out another way. Both are good in their own ways but they are never the same, as much as you might try.
      In a more mundane way Freya is sick today.

  2. Arafel_sedai says:

    I certainly hope you do not regret offering these very poignant pieces of art to us… I’ve been out of practice using the tarot for a long time and yours gave me the rather strong shake to re-embark on that mysterious journey through their imagery.

    One word: elegant.
    Sentence: She speaks the words made into flame.
    Hopefully the quickly spoken word can be tempered and transformed into growth by the Magician…
    Difficulty at work with supervisors and others using sharp words with one another, which has led to frustration and miscommunication….
    A rich gathering of whites and browns; a bit of green and a fantastic flare of crimson! Beautiful and comforting.
    I hope that you are correct and that ‘rung bell’ will, in its turn, clear the air and allow for a strong forward momentum. Maybe the harsh words were the only way my office could reach an understanding.
    I could just sit and look at her. She warms me and makes me think of family… (maybe its just Thanksgiving coming up and all these colors remind me of that!) My 9yo daughter liked her and I thought of picking fruit with my mother when I was young.

  3. Marie White says:

    I love your interpretation Arafel:) No, I would never regret creating this tarot.

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