Card of the Day 10/15/2012

The Queen of Swords

Can you come up with one word to describe this card?

Can you make a sentence to describe this card?

Can you make a sentence with the the Queen of Swords and the Magician?

Do you see these cards manifesting in your life today?

What are the predominant colors? Does that mean anything to you?

What is the dominant subject?

How does it make you feel?

Does it bring up any memories for you?  Even fragmented ones of thoughts, smells, sensations, emotions, sounds, etc.

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4 Responses to Card of the Day 10/15/2012

  1. Marie White says:

    In what way do you need to be clever today? With whom do you need to have sharp and direct words? Do you see a storm coming? How can you prepare yourself for that?

  2. Morgana Dee says:

    I see this Queen of Swords as myself, always on alert, looking with eyes seeing in all directions, on constant alert. I love this card of yours, my favorite in your deck. I am on my way downtown shopping and one has to be clever with all the sales clerks, LOL.

  3. Sign says:

    Everything is part of everything else, all constituents serving to define our pleasures,pains, the unbroken circle, infinity squared infinitely. Fantastically wondrous for ever more, cherry pie popsicles…

  4. Arafel_sedai says:

    This card is just screaming Odin to me. HIs two ravens bringing him the world’s thoughts and memories. The eye is his…lost to gain wisdom and knowledge.
    When I first saw her, I was so thrilled with the ravens (I call my two children my ‘two for mirth’ from the old children’s rhyme.) that I completely missed the woman in the card perfectly blended into the landscape.
    The ultimate representative of Sovereignty as the land.

    I can practically hear the wind creak through those curling branches echoed in the harsh calls of the birds and feel the sharp crispness of the air…


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