Card of the Day 10-16-2012

The 6 of Cups – Reversed

Can you come up with one word to describe this card?

Can you make a sentence to describe this card?

Can you make a sentence with the 6 of Cups reversed and the High Priestess?

Do you see these cards manifesting in your life today?

What are the predominant colors? Does that mean anything to you?

What is the dominant subject?

How does it make you feel?

Does it bring up any memories for you?  Even fragmented ones of thoughts, smells, sensations, emotions, sounds, etc.

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2 Responses to Card of the Day 10-16-2012

  1. Marie White says:

    To me, today and with the High Priestess, this is a card of discovery. There is something lurking under the surface of the deep waters and I don’t know what it is or even what it pertains to.
    I, for one, plan on digging for it.
    I have been trying to discover my next move, my next step, the best direction I can go, now. I plan on figuring this out by defining my goal, my best case scenario and what I hope for most then planning steps to get there. Then I will begin, And of course then the universe will have its way with me and who knows where it will end lol.

  2. Arafel_sedai says:

    It’s odd, or maybe not…but the brilliance of his claws grab my attention and they take less than a third of the card’s length. It strikes me as somewhat whimsical that beneath the waters surface the angel is a feathered image of a man, but as he surfaces he becomes transformed into the beginnings of a crab.

    It makes me think of how we show ourselves to the world and how we are in our souls…sometimes they are vastly different.

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