Card of the Day 10/17/2012

The King of Disks – reversed.

Can you come up with one word to describe this card?

Can you make a sentence to describe this card?

Can you make a sentence with the King of Disks and the High Priestess?

Do you see these cards manifesting in your life today?

What are the predominant colors? Does that mean anything to you?

What is the dominant subject?

How does it make you feel?

Does it bring up any memories for you?  Even fragmented ones of thoughts, smells, sensations, emotions, sounds, etc.

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1 Response to Card of the Day 10/17/2012

  1. Arafel_sedai says:


    I feel like he is eating the apple from the Garden of Eden and he is savoring it.
    Despite the relative size in the overall image; I first zeroed in on his tongue reaching out.
    Unabashed and tactile. I could not help but stare.
    Primitive and abandoned to the pleasures of the flesh.

    The sound of hunting horns are in the distance and the does are ripe for the competing stags, so too does the High Priestess beckon to the “Faun King’s” virility.

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