Card of the Day 10/20/2012

XX Judgment

Can you come up with one word to describe this card?

Can you make a sentence to describe this card?

Can you make a sentence with XX Judgment and II The High Priestess together?

Do you see these cards manifesting in your life today?

What are the predominant colors? Does that mean anything to you?

What is the dominant subject?

How does it make you feel?

Does it bring up any memories for you?  Even fragmented ones of thoughts, smells, sensations, emotions, sounds, etc.

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1 Response to Card of the Day 10/20/2012

  1. Devouring. It’s coming for YOU, and you cannot escape it. If you heeded the messages sent to you by the High Priestess, you may be able to weather the consequences dished out by Judgment.

    Brings up a fiery committed passion to get anything done. Nothing can stand in your way once a decision has been made. If you were constructively preparing for this, you will succeed. All or nothing.

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