The New Sketch Deck

Almost done!
It took a little longer than planned, mostly because of the book. I’m happy with it though! I really wanted to write about the more mundane aspects of the cards, and then I had to test them and make sure it all worked together cohesively and tweak tweak tweak.

The only thing I still have to do is the packaging, right now I’m giving myself a week to do a nice graphic for it and meanwhile I will be working on putting together decks and hand coloring the ones that need it, and then I’ll start fulfilling orders! It’s really looking good!

The size is 3″ x 5.25″. I was able to use thin enough lamination so that they aren’t huge and unshuffleable.  I think I found a really nice spot between a good size to show off the artwork and useability and the texture is nice too.

Here’s what it looks like so far:











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15 Responses to The New Sketch Deck

  1. These look fantastic! Reminds me of the energy and directness of the original pencil artwork from some of my favorite comic book artists, undiluted by ink and color that would later change their nature. Looking forward to receiving this deck!

  2. Blabpipe says:

    Those are really cool!

  3. Judy Baker says:

    I definitely want this deck. They’re beautiful and the artwork is as beautiful and commanding as your first deck! Please let us know as soon as they’re available.

  4. seanbuchholz says:

    Whoa! Lovely! I’m in the (long, slow, and laborious) process of designing a deck myself. How long did the whole process take you, from start (“hey, I should make a Tarot deck!”) to now?

    • Marie White says:

      Hi Sean,
      Oh gosh, for this, I’ve been thinking about it a while and think I started to seriously begin work right after Christmas so its been about 5 months now. If you mean the Mary-el, the deck these sketches became, it was over a decade to complete it.

      Have you finished any images yet? Good luck! It’s worth all the work!

      • seanbuchholz says:

        I’ve finished about five cards so far. I’m doing them all in watercolor (in between working full-time and commuting and living the rest of my life) so it’s been slow going. I’m genuinely intrigued with this process. I really look forward to seeing more, and I’d love it if you’d check out some of my work.

        A decade, though! Wow!

  5. Looks absolutely gorgeous…can’t wait for my copy to arrive. Thank you.

  6. elementalspirit says:

    Thanks — your Package #3 says it includes a reservation for an open-edition Sketch deck.  Does that mean the $50 pays for that deck, or does it just pay for a reservation and the deck is more $?  Also, who will be publishing the open edition?  Thanks, Tamara   Tamara Fairbanks-Ishmael ” The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the Universe, to match your nature with Nature.”  – Joseph Campbell  


    • Marie White says:

      Hi Tamara,
      $50.00 is the whole price for the deck, you won’t have to pay any more. I am the one publishing the deck, I am making these by hand.
      Love Joseph Campbell:)

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  8. Julie Van Brasch Britzman says:

    I thank you so much for all of this. While reading through some of your (deservedly outstanding) Amazon reviews, I left a comment (on ‘Buffy Fan’, which has a beautiful quote from the Hindu poet Mirabai) which I hope may be helpful re difficulty of shuffling:
    “Try arch-shuffling the large cards along their sides, instead of from their tops. Stiff to begin, I’ve only gotten a distribution, not a softened curve yet… but I’ve got the rest of my life to live with these cards; I think both of our edges will soften over time.”
    Thank you, Marie for sharing this gorgeous work, in both your writing and your painting. Such gifts.
    Namaste. JVBB.

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