Sun and Storms








These were my cards today.  They go along with an ongoing theme Ive had of trying to find a balance in my life and in understanding the relationship between what is going on inside me and what is going on outside me.  So I am happy to see the 2 of Disks here, she is a balance of these things and she has found wisdom.  The other two cards, the 4 of Swords and the Sun (which is reversed in my reading) are reflected in her eyes.  On one side we have the storm of the 4 of swords and on the other we have the beautiful illumination of the Sun, which reversed and for me now is darkened a bit from the clouds but I know its there.

The interesting thing is that yesterday I was out at the pool with the kids when I looked up and became mesmerized by this gorgeous cloud which had moved in front of the sun.  I just floated in the pool for a long time watching it shift as it crossed the sun.

If you live in or have been in North Carolina you know that at this time of year it is hot and humid and during the day big thunderclouds build up and fill the sky and often they result in heavy rain with thunder and lightning.  There was no rain yesterday but this was one of those clouds and the smokey blues and grays fading into the different shades of light and blue sky and then rimmed with the incredible yellow gold sun was so beautiful I thought about how this is what life is about.  I thought about being connected with everything and how I love it all, good and bad because this is heaven, us and everything around us all the time.

Anyway, it was nice to see my little moment reflected in my cards this morning.  And also it illustrates something I have begun to learn lately, not just know, but KNOW, that the internal environment is reflected in the external environment.  Storms inside -blocking the Sun, storms outside blocking the sun, storms blocking the sun in my cards.  I was also thinking yesterday, does tarot really give a shit whether something is in the past present or future?  Or does it simply tell the truth in all that there is, which is the moment, and of course that truth bleeds into the future and past, ripples in a pond.  Its just the truth.

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3 Responses to Sun and Storms

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds good Marie. That 2 of coins always gives me difficulty. Balance is good!

  2. sylvanmoon says:

    The Four of Swords still mystifies me. I understand the other fours, yet it’s almost as if there’s a barricade in the way where the 4 of Swords is concerned. I love the 2 of Disks and the Sun and his facing East is so warm and wonder-filled.

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