Slow and Steady







Internal conflict!!!  Achhh this has been the story of my life for the last few weeks.  I am trying to get all of this really important stuff done but its taking sooo loooong.  I am working around the clock and its repetitive and tedious.  Meanwhile I have this painting on the easel crying out for my attention, its like a giant magnet sucking at me at all times.  But do I go? no.  I have this other stuff to do.    Right now I am choosing responsibility over creativity even when it hurts.  That is the conflict between the Knight of Disks and the Knight of Wands.  One wants to flash like lightning and one wants to take a slow and measured approach that will build great things, but you have to tame that inner tiger.

It’s neat I got the 5 of Cups today because I was just thinking about it before I drew these cards, with all the contemplation of sun and moon lately.  I don’t know if I ever mentioned this in the book but they were male and female, and then the sun and moon inside them.  Yin and yang.  The lion with its radiating gold fiery mane is the sun, and the unicorn with its silvery crescent of a horn is the moon.  And so this card is the moon, yin.  My internal landscape.  Healing, slow, gentle, watery.  It might feel like restraint to me right now, but this is really what it is and I need to keep that in mind.

Another thing I remembered this morning while going over card images was the origin of the image for the 7 of Disks.  I think I totally forgot about this for a long time! Very ironic!  Those 4 cards were supposed to be Odin’s Chariot.  7s relate tot he Chariot and Odin had 4 companion animals, the two wolves, Geri and Freki (Greedy and Ravenous) and his ravens Huginn and Muninn, thought and memory.   So the 7 of Disks was to be the Raven Muninn, memory, thus the recent keyword I’ve been using for that card, embodiment.

I remember sitting down to draw it and as I went along the ravens wings became like mountains, and the head like an eclipse and its feet like fire and it held the planets and the stars in its hands.  Embodiment, memory.    I just thought it was interesting and interesting that I forgot all about that.


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4 Responses to Slow and Steady

  1. Anonymous says:

    Marie suddenly these 7’s are a lot more clear to me now that you explained. It makes me wonder how much more you forgot to share, LOL

  2. sylvanmoon says:

    The 7 of Disks was the card I drew for yesterday…what you just shared makes sense with what I have been going through lately. Thank you for the Sun and Moon reference for the Fives…I always think of the Cowardly Lion who found his courage and guards it with his new found ferocity.

  3. Marie White says:

    Thanks! And that’s an excellent story to illustrate that card!

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