Love and Power

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Card 1: 3 of Wands R

Card 2: Lovers

Card 3: King of Cups R

A lot different than my cards yesterday.  And I did finish something I’ve been working on the last few days and so felt a little bit directionless which is what I think the reversed 3 of Wands is about.  Where do I focus that energy today?  My to do list is still very long, plus its Saturday and I have to get the kids out lest begin eating each other!   So….

I also got the Lovers and the Reversed King of Cups. The keywords are very similar for those two, Lovers and Lover.   It seems like a cool progression or a math equation these 3 cards

power = lovers = love, or love +power = lovers, or love + power = lovers, or love + lovers = power.  ha.

I read this as that there is power in doing what you love.  Focus (your energy) on what you love.

= Paint Today!!!!   😀

Btw, I want to point out that I don’t read this stuff like “The oracle of tarot is telling me to do this so I will blindly do it”  I read it as a communication between my conscious self and my infinitely wise subconscious.

Hey I can see that in this reading too.  The lovers is a marriage, a collaboration between the conscious and subconscious.  The King of Cups is definitely a master of the two worlds.  And the 3 of Wands is getting everyone on board and finding a singular focus and direction for those aspects of the self.

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