1.  Emperor reversed

2.  3 of Disks

3.  King of Disks reversed

What an earthy set of cards! I am so happy to be moving away from the cups and wands even if for a day, phew!

Some keywords for these cards, Emperor is Order and being reversed I can call it Chaos.  The King of Disks is Dominion so reversed, lack of dominion?  Then 3 of Disks is art.   So Chaos and Lack of Control is my Art!!! hahahahaha yes.

That is on one level.  On another, I am having issues keeping my physical situation in some state of organization, everything is all wonky, cluttered, disorganized.  That’s something I always struggle with and it will get out of hand when something really catches my attention and focus.

One of the ideas I had while doing the 3 of disks is that all of that fabric around the people were slowly woven with golden threads, slowly wound and put together and fashioned into something beautiful – the baby.  That is meaningful to me right now as I am trying to be not just impulsive all the time but to build something solid.  And this is how you do it.  All of which leads eventually to The Emperor and The King of Disks who are living in meaningful balance with the physical world.

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