Art is Fleeting








1.  3 of Swords

2.  Queen of Swords, reversed

3.  3 of Wands


Lots of 3s today!  And swords!  Even the Queen is a 3, 13.  Threes are creation and abundance, but the birds tell me it is fleeting and transient.  That I have to grab it while I can, like the dove in the 3 of swords that is holding onto the swords.

I’m actually looking at the painting for that right now and remembering how I made the swords gold because I imagined them like rays of light – so it was like catching these rays of inspiration.


The 3 of Wands means something to me too about some methods of art I’ve been pondering, about my process and how I hold mental images in my minds eye first before I get them down on paper or canvas or whatever.  Oh!  I have a good quote I got from this book I am reading by Walter Crane, I wrote it down right away because I thought it was so good and truthful:

“beauty is not so easy to command. It is so delicate a quality, so complex in its elements, a question often of such nice balance and judgment—depending perhaps upon a hair’s-breadth difference in the poise of a mass here, or the sweep of a curve there—that we cannot weave technical nets fine enough to catch so sensitive a butterfly. She is indeed a Psyche in art, both seeking and sought, to be finally won only by devotion and love.”  Walter Crane, on line and form.


I can make a nice sentence out of these.  Inspiration (3 of Swords)  is caught by me (queen of Swords, reversed perhaps alluding to internal rather than external), in the minds eye (3 of Wands).

Inspiration is caught by me in the minds eye.

Yes, that means a lot to me right now.


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2 Responses to Art is Fleeting

  1. sylvanmoon says:

    Or how about: “Inspiration is in the mind of the Beholder”. Grasp, grapple and create! for it is fleeting. What you said about the 3 of Wands helps me understand it that much more in this context.

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