Self Awareness


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This is like tarot mood swings!  Yesterday was swords and 3s, today is cups and 6s.

Card 1 – VI The Lovers

Card 2 – The 8 of Cups reversed

Card 3 – The 6 of Cups, reversed


The first thing that comes to mind is that I have some lack of self awareness.  And seeing the lovers you always think of a mate or significant other, but I really think these things begin inside and then are reflected outside and the cups definitely say that to me.  You have to be healthy and self aware within yourself before you can extend those things to relationships with other people.

Now if I use simple keywords for these cards I get – Love,  (r-lack of) inner strength, (r-lack of) forgiveness.

I could say love is forgiveness for weakness.

That’s pretty general and it makes me wonder why it would appear for me today of all times, and I think the answer to that is that I had a major breakthrough the other day, artwise, and as I build myself up in this new direction it would be wise to do it on a foundation of forgiveness for my past mistakes and weaknesses.  Maybe even forgive myself and accept the weaknesses I have now that maybe won’t change, my imperfections.  Self acceptance, self awareness.

The day isn’t over yet, who knows what will come up!

The  8 of Cups and the 6 of Cups are so similar, they are both upside down there in the waters of the subconscious, but the 8 of Cups is pulling the lion skin around her, protecting herself from what’s there, while the 6 of Cups is totally moving into it, embracing what down there and even becoming part of it as seen in the lobster claws Well, those are a kind of shell too aren’t they?  But they seem protective yet right in their context.

In that Walter Crane book I am reading he specifically talks about figures built on these lines and movements, ones that reach up vertically, with a crescendo on the horizon and those that are bent into the horizon – horizontal lines.

He says the vertical lines are suggestive of praise, ascension and aspiration where curving downward or  horizontal suggest dejection and despair.  So that’s kind of an interesting way of looking at these two contrasting images.  Also one has open arms and one is crossed tightly around the body.

The lovers on the other hand, weds the two and the arms are held diagonally, strangely.

Maybe I need to forgive myself for some of my self-protective tendencies too.  Could that be like one of those dragons that when you look it in eye it dissipates into a cloud of smoke?




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