Magician, 9 of Cups, Hierophant – R








I started turning these over and thought I would get a day with no reversals, bam! nope.  It’s ok, I’m good with reversals.  Oh another thing was that while I was shuffling, well, I try to shuffle 7 times.  I do that because I have found that having a ritual, a way you do things the same every time tends to put you in the right mindset, and so that’s one of my little things.  I also think 7 is an all around awesome number numerically.  So today I think I got through about 4 shuffles when I cut and started flipping over cards almost subconsciously.  I hesitated because it broke my convention, but then I thought the hands must know something, lets go with it!  Funny, one of the meanings I have for the Hierophant reversed is to break with convention.  Ritual is good but sometimes you just have to break with tradition and do your own thing, when the opportunity presents.  I’ll keep my eye out for something like that today.

I thought of a good keyword for the 9 of Cups, satisfaction! I think that’s totally what I was going for with this image, with all the good and bad in life, with all that you are as an individual, whatever the whole of your experience is, to find satisfaction in it.  That really is the pinnacle of cups isn’t it?  The heart?  To be satisfied.

So, the keywords for this is potential, satisfaction, break with tradition.  I can also say the reversal of the hierophant alludes to the experience of living to be internal rather than external.  So, potential, satisfaction, internal experience.

I have the potential to find satisfaction with my internal experience.  Yeah:)

Why today?  I think this is a good set of cards saying hey, I am doing things right, keep it up!  These things are leading to or being part of a deep satisfying experience of life.


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2 Responses to Magician, 9 of Cups, Hierophant – R

  1. Debi Ann says:

    Really enjoying your daily readings! Am gaining a lot of insight and different ways of seeing the cards. Thank you! Debi Ann

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