Ace of Cups, 8 of Cups, 10 of Wands







Card 1 – Ace of Cups, emotion

Card 2 – 8 of Cups, inner strength

Card 3 – 10 of Wands, changing power

I’m trying to figure out a way to format these posts to be informative and easy to index.  So, the title has the card names in it, next the images, then their name and position along with my current working keywords for them.

My process is to shuffle 7 times, usually rotating the deck in one hand 3 or 4 times to get a good mixture of reversals, then I cut the deck and then turn over the cards into their positions from left to right.

I usually draw them in this order:

2   1    3

The center card comes first because it is usually the ‘center’ of the issue or energy or environment that the other cards will support or comment on.  The matter or issue.    Then I look at cards 2 and 3 like I look at a lot of symbolic, as the right side being yang, external and active and the left side being yin, internal and passive.

I do use reversals.  Over the years I have gone back and forth about it for different reasons and in this period I find myself doing it not for any particular reason just because it feels right.  In the published versions of the Mary-el I went to great pains to have a reversible card back!  That would be useful if you liked to choose your cards by spreading them out or fanning them out and picked them while looking at the backs, I can see how you would consciously or subconsciously avoid the reversed images if you knew from the backs.

My working deck was one I printed for myself as I finished painting the cards.  I just laminated a print of the images and the back was blank.  I later took a sharpie and drew a 6 pointed star on all of the backs, up at the top.  So now I can tell which cards are or are not reversed.  So, I catch myself kind of looking away briefly or shutting my eyes when I cut the deck so I don’t make a preference of upright or reversed.  Should I eat this chocolate?  Of course I will stack the deck by avoiding a reversed card lol.


Now I have to say that I have been working up this newish theory of how tarot cards actually work.    I’ve been really fascinated by stories such as the one by this brain scientist who suffered a stroke ( and experiments on people with LSD, near death experiences and so on.  Basically how the right brain perceives reality.  I’ve been thinking of the left brain, or even if not that specifically, the idea of it, a part of ourselves which imposes boundaries- between self and others, different things, where to the right brain none exists, it is all energy flowing and moving together.  So what if, we don’t end at our skin, what if we don’t end a foot outside of it, what if we flow in some degree with everything around us?  That makes so much sense to me and explains so many things.  It’s an insignificant thought, perhaps in the wideness of that idea, but I then wonder if I take a deck of tarot cards in my hands if I am them and they are me and we are working together, and that of course allows the communication that goes on, a subconscious intentional choice of cards, a message from that part of ourself with no boundaries to the part of our self with boundaries.  And a person sitting next to you?  You are them and they are you and you can all work together.

I haven’t left myself much time to actually discuss the cards that were drawn today!  I would make this sentence with them though – “I have the emotional strength to deal with changing energy”.



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4 Responses to Ace of Cups, 8 of Cups, 10 of Wands

  1. sylvanmoon says:

    Right away this shows a creative, fiery soul who guards herself and what she has-including those she loves. (I came up with this before reading what you wrote).
    (After…) Moving forward with new ideas and projects takes courage (and an awesome lion cloak!).
    I like what you said about the left and right sides of the mind…do they operate separately or together? Or is it more of a subtle ongoing communication. I like the layout you use, and with the yin and yang of the brain communication influencing everything we are and do…it makes sense! Plus there are so many more possibilities! I’m going to play with my deck now!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve been enjoying your readings lately, and I wanted to thank you for posting them. I also wanted to thank you for the explanation of your spread (2 1 3). From the way that you were reading the cards, I had a feeling that you were drawing the cards that way, with the middle card as the central issue at hand, but it was nice of you to confirm that for your readers. I also like that you summed up this reading in one sentence. The sentence really captures the reading and could serve as a mantra or advice for yourself. Now I want to challenge myself to read this way and conclude my reading with a one-sentence summation. I think creating the sentence would be a good way to ensure that I’ve truly synthesized the three cards before I end the reading.

    Much love to you and yours,

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