Knight of Disks R, Magician, 9 of Cups

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Card 1 – Knight of Disks-R

Card 2 – Magician

Card 3 – 9 of Cups

Nice spread!  As soon as I looked at this I knew immediately what it referred to.  The Knight of Disks reversed is my ache and desire to sink my hands into paint.  I’m doing some fantastic stuff now, don’t get me wrong, but its mostly mental and taking up all my time.  Have to beat down that impatience BECAUSE I am doing the Magician walk, creating something bigger and better which requires some self control.

The feeling is sharper today because Tola and I went to a gallery opening for one of his old art professors yesterday and being around art makes me want to do it more.  The show was gorgeous by the way, so lush.  Professor Saltzman’s paintings had the most beautiful finish on them, a damar varnish but it seemed nicer than I had ever seen and I wonder if it’s because he makes his own rather than buying it in a jar.  Or maybe it is just especially suited to the thick, rich textures of his paintings?

Anyway, I usually think of the Magician as potential, something he gives you, your higher self, your potential self, your future, the universe, etc.  I just realized writing this a few moments ago that I no longer feel like it is potential I feel like at some point I crossed over and I am now acting as the Magician in my own life.  Perhaps it is that free will place.  And now, I am intentionally and consciously creating where I am going.  I mean, I am not there yet, and chaos will always be part of the trip, but I feel like I am master of my own destiny, I know where I want to go and how to get there.  It’s no longer a mysterious cloaked figure to me, I see my own face there.

That creates a sense of deep satisfaction in my life, the 9 of Cups.  Navigating the seas of Chaos.



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2 Responses to Knight of Disks R, Magician, 9 of Cups

  1. sylvanmoon says:

    Nice spread today…it’s interesting that a couple of days ago you also drew the Magician and the 9 of Cups-they’re just in different positions today. The Magician is an amazing card-tricky though. 🙂

  2. Marie White says:

    Yes I’ve been getting them a lot lately, definitely a trend. The Magician is indeed tricky lol.

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