R-Knight of Wands, R-Ace of Disks, 8 of Cups

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Card 1 – Reversed Knight of Wands, Adventurer

Card 2 – Reversed Ace of Disks, Body

Card 3- 8 of Cups

Back to the mines (Ace of Disks)!!!  To keep digging that gold out of the mountain (Knight of Wands)!! It’s going to take inner strength (8 of Cups).


Not a surprising set of cards since today is more of the same.  I also wonder if I am simply not getting the message and so it keeps repeating itself lol.  Maybe a little of both.

I ask myself, if the lightning, creative energy, is the gold I am digging and working for.  That is really something worthwhile.  I think looking at this 8 of cups….well this is my description:

“8 of Cups

Inner strength

Even though you feel very vulnerable much strength is required to go in the right direction.   To make things better you have to be willing to start over.

R- Abandonment, not willing to start over, not willing to make the right choice, weakness

NOTES:  Internal self awareness.  Internal balance.  R=Lack of internal self awareness.  Blocked self awareness.  Not understanding your own motivations or where your emotions are coming from.”

Vulnerability and softness is a big part of this card, I think it is a strength rather than a weakness.   Maybe I need to remember that today and lately in general, that I shouldn’t allow myself to harden up, keep soft and pliable and vulnerable because there is strength in that.   Self Awareness baby.

Digging for gold in the ground floor of the Tower, do it with an open heart.

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1 Response to R-Knight of Wands, R-Ace of Disks, 8 of Cups

  1. sylvanmoon says:

    Maybe this spread is letting you know to take care of yourself and don’t burn your “self” out!
    The 8 of Cups is just beautiful.

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