Tower, Knight of Cups, King of Wands








Card 1 – XVI The Tower, Destruction

Card 2 – Knight of Cups, Hero/Idealist

Card 3 – King of Wands, Provider

Wow, interesting spread!  This one would usually freak me out a bit especially since I have big plans out with the kids today.  It’s high time I get over my fear (.) of this card The Tower.  I have destruction as the keyword for this card but I’m thinking about changing it to Fear.  Because that lies behind the destruction I think.

Then these other two cards are almost the opposite! Or maybe they are the opposing forces of Fear, the antidote; idealism, purity of heart, the Knight of Cups, and the illuminating selfless good energy of the King of Wands, like the Sun.  Dispel fear by being pure of heart, doing the right thing and illuminating whatever is dark and unknown, even denial.

Destruction, idealism, provider.

I think today I will let go of fear by being aware of what I am doing and doing what is right.


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3 Responses to Tower, Knight of Cups, King of Wands

  1. sylvanmoon says:

    I also get that fear-filled gut wrenching response to the Tower-every time it shows up! I like what you said about fear being behind destruction…I also see the Tower as a lightening bolt from God-a direct intervention for our own good-sometimes it doesn’t seem so good though. A wake up call to the Holy Grail of Illuminating fear.

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