Page Swords R, 4 of Disks R, Strength

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Card 1 – Page of Swords, reversed.  Aspire.

Card 2 – 4 of Disks, reversed.  Stability.

Card 3 – XI Strength.  Fortitude.

It’s been rough going!  Just a lot of tedious work and it feels like any progress or forward motion is through jello.  I think that’s why the first 2 cards are reversed.  The Page of Swords I think of as aspiration and enthusiastic pursuit of knowledge and also as needing to rise to the occasion.

The 4 of Disks is one that usually tells me that I am on the right road that leads to the end.  On the right path, doing the right thing.   But that one is reversed too!  Reversed it can mean instability or feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

Being reversed, I don’t want to say that the ideas of the cards aren’t there at all, rather I would say that they are just difficult or slow going right now.

The Strength is what it takes to get through.  Common theme for me right now.  All in all pretty good, just slow and tedious.

I aspire to a place of stability and with fortitude I will get there.

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