5 of Wands R, Chariot, Justice

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Card 1 – 5 of Wands, reversed.  Perseverance.

Card 2 – VII The Chariot.  Free Will.

Card 3 – VIII Justice.  Balance.

I like this.  The DM I have for the reversed 5 of Wands is:

“R- Bitterness, negativity, succumbing to opposition.”  Bah!!  Sometimes I don’t like my own DMs.  I am constantly revising them or adding notes (which is one of the reasons I do a reading every day – research and I am my own test subject).  I don’t like DMs that are not empowering, even though yes bad things happen, yes we give up, we give up hope, we screw up, all kinds of fuckery goes on, but you can just see that or you can say I have this energy, what do I do with it?  What is the best way to channel it into the life I want and to become the person I want to be?  So, I thing because of that, and because I know myself, and because of the context, I don’t buy the idea that I am succumbing to the negativity 😛

What I see here is that giving up the struggle will set me free, will allow motion (remember the jello?) will allow Justice, which is exactly what I describe above, being able to create what you want within the chaos of what is.

Of course I don’t know how to do that.  I guess that’s the trick! Something I’ll think about today.

Again I am struggling with something inside (another possible DM for this card reversed!). My own roadblocks as opposed to external ones.  BTW, the 5s end and resolve with the 5 of Disks which is inner peace, heaven in your heart.

When I can no longer struggle against myself I will begin to move forward and I will be responsible for creating the life and self I want.

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2 Responses to 5 of Wands R, Chariot, Justice

  1. sylvanmoon says:

    How about this as well…Your challenge is perseverance, with controlling opposing forces, Justice will prevail. The Fives are very interesting…the 5 of Disks is my fav.

  2. Ian says:

    A flickering flame. A strong gust of wind. An ibis takes flight.

    Your readings are like haikus.

    You’ve been here before
    just let yourself go
    you know what to do

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