Queen of Swords R, 2 of Cups R, Empress R








Card 1 – Queen of Swords, reversed.  Conservator.

Card 2 – 2 of Cups, reversed.  Relationship.

Card 3 – III Empress, reversed.  Creation.

The first thing I find really striking about this set is that they are all looking the same direction in the same way.  And that direction is one I would associate with moving forward.  Right, positive, yang.

ALSO, I have all of the elements of the Chariot here.  I have the 2 horses.  I have the ravens (if we use the Odinic symbolism) we have the Charioteer.  Who, btw is Creation.

Mind (QS), Heart (2C) and Soul (III) all working together to go forward.

All I can say is, I GET IT!  I finally get it!!

Now, I can go through and read this set of cards in many different ways, and have, and they are all true:)  All layers of this reality.  But the BIG idea here is the forward motion.



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1 Response to Queen of Swords R, 2 of Cups R, Empress R

  1. sylvanmoon says:

    Very interesting spread today…

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